May 6

Top 10 Essential Moving Tools

Congratulations, you just bought a house or signed a new lease! With elevated excitement, you must now begin packing your belongings for your scheduled move. If this is your first experience with moving, you may feel unsure of the best moving supplies to use while packing. In the content below, we explore ten essential moving tools guaranteed to make your moving experience less of a hassle. #1. A Calendar and Game Plan Organizing and strategizing your moving plan ensures you pack every belonging in a timely manner. Before anything else, take out your calendar—or calendar app—and mark your moving date. Then, schedule different completion dates in which you plan to have certain rooms packed. By having an established and complete moving checklist, you can better manage your time before the scheduled moving day. #2. Bins, Boxes, and Plastic Bags Galore Of all the moving equipment, your bins and boxes will prove to be the most valuable. With countless items within a home, boxes and bins […]

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April 10

Answers to COVID-19 Questions

We know you may have questions. Here are some of our common FAQs regarding how Alliance Moving & Storage is responding to COVID-19.

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April 9

How to Pack Furniture for Moving

We are here to take out the guesswork by exploring how to pack furniture for moving by breaking down each type of furniture based on its originating room.

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March 31

Best Time of Year to Buy a House

We discuss the best time of year to buy a house as it pertains to the current real estate market, housing availability, and your own personal schedule.

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March 13

How to Pack Clothes for a Move

Packing your wardrobe? We take out all the guesswork by providing a complete, step-by-step breakdown on how to effectively pack clothes for a move.

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November 27

What You Can Expect from the Best Full-Service Moving Company

When moving, you want to know which company offers the best services and rates. We discuss the expectations you can set for full-service moving companies.

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November 20

Antique Furniture Moving: Protecting Your Valuables

We discuss the three main categories of antiques based on moving procedures needed in order to prevent any mishaps and damages.

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November 12

Top 5 Winter Moving Tips

As winter begins, harsh weather must be a moving consideration. Here are five things you can do to help make for the smoothest winter move.

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October 29

10 Tips for Packing a Storage Unit

Storage units are a great way to hold your belongings in between moves, during renovations, or while students are on summer break. Figuring out the logistics behind finding, choosing, and packing up a storage unit can be stressful. Follow these tips to make sure you can pack up your unit with ease. 1. Plan Ahead The most important step to packing a storage unit is to plan ahead (and early). Choose a facility that is safe, well-lit inside and out, and has a gated entrance with different codes for each customer. As you browse through the different types of units available, make sure you plan for everything that you will be putting in there. What’s worse than moving into a storage unit only to discover that your couch can’t fit through the skinny doorway? Give yourself enough space to fit everything and have extra room in case you need to store more items along the way. Measure your bulkiest belongings like furniture and be sure […]

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October 17

8 Ways to Know You’ve Hired the Best Mover

As you begin your search for a moving company, you will likely have a lot of questions and be presented with a variety of options. How do I know if they are trustworthy? Do they have positive reviews? What types of services do they offer? These are all important questions to consider. Ultimately, you want an answer to a single question: how do you know you’ve hired the best mover? Below are eight ways you can verify a quality moving company. 1. Legitimate Company It is important to make sure that the moving company you hired is legitimate. How do you determine this? There are a few items you can look for. First, find out if they have a US Department of Transportation (DOT) number. It is important that they have a real address and phone number, as well as a fleet of company-owned and marked trucks. By law, all moving companies are required to have some type of liability coverage for the items they […]

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