December 18

Do You Really Need Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Sometimes, you run out of space for all your belongings. We discuss below why you should unquestionably make your next unit temperature-controlled.

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October 29

10 Tips for Packing a Storage Unit

Storage units are a great way to hold your belongings in between moves, during renovations, or while students are on summer break. Figuring out the logistics behind finding, choosing, and packing up a storage unit can be stressful. Follow these tips to make sure you can pack up your unit with ease. 1. Plan Ahead The most important step to packing a storage unit is to plan ahead (and early). Choose a facility that is safe, well-lit inside and out, and has a gated entrance with different codes for each customer. As you browse through the different types of units available, make sure you plan for everything that you will be putting in there. What’s worse than moving into a storage unit only to discover that your couch can’t fit through the skinny doorway? Give yourself enough space to fit everything and have extra room in case you need to store more items along the way. Measure your bulkiest belongings like furniture and be sure […]

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May 14

To Pack or Not to Pack: What You Shouldn’t Pack in a Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a lifesaving solution for any stage of life, but you’ll first need to consider what you can and cannot store away.

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March 15

4 Indicators of the Best Packing and Moving Company

As spring transforms our winter-ravaged Chicagoland, moving season blooms with the flowers. In a rush of spring cleaning, organization, and new beginnings, countless individuals hunt for homes and prepare to move. Numerous businesses look to relocate. If you are in this category, you probably hope for the best move possible. You probably desire efficiency, safety, and organization. Perhaps you are juggling a dozen other commitments as you prepare to move. Perhaps work, school, and appointments fill your schedule to bursting. Still, a successful transition is possible. In fact, with the best packing and moving company, a stress-free moving process is guaranteed. As you begin the search, consider the following 4 indicators of the best packing and moving company. The Best Company Will Genuinely Care About Your Move The best packing and moving company will care about your successful transition. This will show in their professionalism and courtesy. A company that cares will never rush you or mishandle your belongings. A company that cares will have […]

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March 8

Affordable Storage & Student Moving Services

Believe it or not, the end of the school year is closer than you think. If you’re from out-of-town or out-of-state, you’ll need a plan for your belongings once your dorm closes for the summer. Even if you packed lightly when you moved in, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated extra items throughout the year. Affordable moving and storage options for college students could be exactly what you need. Benefits of Student Moving Services Did you know that some moving companies have services specifically for college students? This is great news if you already know your stuff won’t fit in your car to bring home, especially if you’ve added any extra furniture to your room since moving in. If you don’t have a car at college, this is even better news for your parents if they were planning to pick you up from a different state. If this is your final year in college, you’ll be moving out of your dorm for good and will likely […]

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