December 16

How to Help Your Dog Cope with the Stress of Moving

Dogs may appear to be happy-go-lucky creatures, but they can experience stress just like people. When things change in a dog’s life, they can become confused, frustrated and sometimes even despondent. Moving houses shakes up a dog’s life quite a bit, and can cause them a lot of stress. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure that your dog comfortably adjusts to a move, leaving you time to focus on the tasks at hand. To help you move your pets into a new home, we’ve assembled a list of tips on how to help your dog cope with the stress of moving. Familiarize Your Dog with Their Travel Method If you’ll be traveling over a long distance, it’s important to get your dog familiar with their travel method. For instance, if taking a plane, get your dog familiar with the air crate. Or if traveling by car, go on a few short drives with your dog in the months leading up to the […]

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