What You Can Expect from the Best Full-Service Moving Company

November 27, 2019

What You Can Expect from the Best Full-Service Moving Company

What You Can Expect from the Best Full-Service Moving Companies

Is your lease ending this month, but you haven’t started packing yet? The grand opening of your new store is next week, but most of your inventory is still stuck in storage? When needing help with your move, you want to research which companies offer the best services with high quality results at affordable rates. Instead of booking a rental truck and hauling all the contents from your home or office, you may find it more cost and time effective to hire a full-service moving company that can pack, assemble, move, and even store your belongings. Below, you will see the high expectations you can set for a full-service moving company.

Communication Throughout the Whole Process

Just like in a relationship, communication is the key to success and the lack thereof would be detrimental. Full-service moving companies should be involved and attentive to your moving needs from the first point of contact and onward. The day before your move, a customer oriented company should be contacting you with last-minute details that need to be arranged and finalize the moving itinerary. Throughout the entire process, you should feel at ease knowing that you can ask a question at any time and feel assisted and kept as a priority. To surpass customer service expectations, full-service moving companies should reach out to their customers after the move to see how everything went and if any additional services are needed. Companies who listen to client’s reviews show dedication to improving their services.

Careful Packing and Unpacking

To some, packing is the most tedious part in the entire moving process. Moving companies that claim to offer the full-service treatment must include an efficient packing and unpacking system. With this service, the movers hired should strategically and efficiently pack your items, from the placing of heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter items above to knowing how heavily a box should be packed to avoid it being too heavy to lift. When unpacking your possessions, your movers should handle each item with care to prevent damages and place in the rooms you specified.

Tear Down and Set Up

When you hire a moving company that offers a full range of services, this should be an included option. Carefully disassembling furniture takes a considerable amount of time and effort for people who don’t do such on a regular basis. For items difficult to move such as electronics, heavy equipment, weight rooms, large artwork, and over-sized furniture, full-service moving companies with expert movers should offer to disassemble and reassemble them to protect the items from damage and the customer from injury.

Full-Service Moving with Alliance

At Alliance Moving and Storage, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service in all that we do. With our trained movers prepared to help in any step of the moving process, we want to help make your move a seamless transition so that you can focus on the new adventure ahead. Contact us today to receive a free quote for our services.

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