Glenview Grind Coffee House

Local. Independent. Family-Owned.

Glenview Grind is a staple business in the community – one that many of us love and enjoy. We were so honored when they chose Alliance Moving & Storage to help move them into a new location. The coffee house is now closer to Downtown Glenview and features a convenient drive-thru.

As a moving company that specializes in commercial moves, what makes our business customers happy is what makes their customers happy. Glenview Grind coffee lovers are loving the new space, and when they’re in a rush, they are also loving the drive-thru, especially on cold, wintery Chicago days!

We had to take a few moments to savor some delicious coffee ourselves (as you can tell from a photo or two). Can you blame us? But, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of hard work and effort, too. From packing and unpacking services, expert care with large industrial equipment and appliances, relocating and installing delicate cabinetry and fixtures, we definitely earned our coffee break, don’t you think?

Take a look at some photos from our time with Glenview Grind and be sure to visit their new location at 1837 Glenview Road in Midtown Square soon!