What Is the Benefit of Hiring Appliance Movers?

July 24, 2019

What Is the Benefit of Hiring Appliance Movers?

What Is the Benefit of Hiring Appliance Movers?

Lift on three! One, two…

Picture yourself, with one friend, gripping the bottom of a 300-pound oven with white-knuckled intensity. Your grasp is shaky, your arms feel weak. You can’t possibly imagine what might happen on “three” – chances are, it won’t be pretty.

While all moving situations are not this precarious, the benefit of hiring appliance movers to take care of your hefty, expensive items cannot be overstated. Why? Because transporting heavy appliances DIY-style is dangerous, costly, and time-consuming. Hiring professionals eliminates these three concerns, resulting in a stress-free, pain-free, hospital-bill-free move.

Hiring Appliance Movers is a Safety Precaution

Professional moving teams are specifically and carefully trained to transport your heavy appliances with caution. With years of experience, a professional team will utilize the proper equipment and safety measures to stay safe, keep you safe, and maintain the integrity of your appliances. Moving appliances DIY, without taking correct safety precautions, commonly results in injury – most often, back or muscular damage.

Back Injury

Most individuals don’t regularly utilize their back muscles. Really! Arm muscles are used for light, easy lifting, household chores, etc. Therefore, when the time comes, lifting heavy objects (such as appliances) puts unusual strain on relatively weak muscles, resulting in common back injuries, such as herniated disks or pinched nerves. More serious injuries, such as spinal fractures, are less likely but possible.

Muscular Injury

Muscular injuries result from the same situation described above: unused muscles suddenly put to arduous work. Injuries of this nature often include strains.

Safety Precautions

If you decide to move DIY, certain safety precautions should be taken to lessen the likelihood of serious injury. These include staying hydrated, taking breaks, asking friends for help, utilizing moving tools, lifting with your legs (not your back), and leaving the heaviest items to professionals with the proper equipment.

Hiring Appliance Movers is Cost-Effective

Besides eliminating the possibility of hospital bills, hiring professional movers is cost-effective because they will carefully transport your appliances with the proper equipment. When your appliances are packed, disassembled, unpacked, and reassembled with caution, hefty repair or replacement costs are out of the picture. Furthermore, if you hire a trustworthy moving company with a single, upfront price, no hidden fees or extraneous costs can hurt your budget – on moving day this is especially important.

Appliance Movers Save Time

Moving is a time-consuming process. Packing, transporting, and unpacking is arduous. Attempting to transport heavy appliances without the proper equipment or training can add unwarranted length to the process. For most individuals, with busy lives and hectic schedules, the idea of a timely move is relieving.

Alliance Moving & Storage

Alliance Moving & Storage is dedicated to excellence in every move. We send out an appropriately sized team, headed by a veteran with years of moving experience. And, of course, we arrive at our destination on time, with all the necessary equipment to safely, efficiently transport your appliances. For safety and liability purposes, we do not disconnect or reconnect appliances, so make sure to contact a licensed tradesman for these steps.

We provide you with an accurate quote, so you can know the upfront cost – and we carry out the entire move without hidden fees. With included disassembly and reassembly services, our team helps you every step of the way, until your new location feels like home. Contact Alliance Moving & Storage today to talk about your upcoming move!

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