Buffalo Grove

Moving Services

The Northwest suburbs of Chicago are ripe with wonderful towns to call home, and Buffalo Grove is no exception. With a plethora of fun things to do in Buffalo Grove, it’s no wonder over 41,000 people are claiming this town as home. While small isn’t the word we’d use to describe Buffalo Grove, it offers plenty of hometown charm while still providing tons of local grub and fun for all ages. Plus, it’s less than an hour away from Chicago for those commuting to work or looking for a little more big-city action. 

Must Visit Locations

No one can resist stopping at the Long Grove Confectionery Company just off Lexington Drive. This little shop is a must-visit spot for the entire family to enjoy a sweet snack or a savory slice of pie on a hot summer day. And just down the road is K1 Speed, go-kart enjoyment for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. They offer open drive, birthday parties, group events, and corporate events to ensure no one is left without the experience of speed. And it’s not a party without an escape room! Lock up the fun at No Escape Room just off Dundee Road and put your puzzle knowledge to the test. 

Residential Moving 

Your home is full of memories. Some are tangible, and others are the sweet sound of little feet running down the hall. We want you to enjoy your farewell moments with your home as we help you carefully pack your favorite items. Our team is highly capable and ensures perfect packing for the smallest items to the largest items in your home. We will be with you every step of the way, starting with the personal relocation specialist you’ll be connected with upon booking. Your specialist will ensure you know what to expect and listen to your needs so we can plan the best way to help your family move to a new home. From start to finish, Alliance will be there to ensure the best move possible. 

Office & Business Moving 

Relocating a business is so much more than just moving to a new location. It involves changing the business address, but it also means adjusting to a new neighborhood, meeting other local business owners, introducing yourself to potential new clients, and making your new business location feel welcoming and professional. The least we can do is lighten your load by ensuring your furniture and electronics are safely packed, transported, and delivered. We place a strong emphasis on packing your electronics to make sure your most expensive and necessary items are ready to use as soon as possible after the move.

College Moving

It happens every year – the college migration. It doesn’t matter if it’s across the country or across, moving dorm furniture and dozens of boxes is a hassle. Alliance Moving & Storage offers affordable services for college students looking to store their belongings during the summer or move locally after their final semester. We know students don’t often have extra money to spend, so we offer a low cost while still providing excellent services. Our moving and storage quotes are free to ensure you know exactly where the best prices are. 

Alliance Moving & Storage is more than muscle. We are careful planners, packers, and professional movers. We want to help you make the most of your move by providing the best packing, moving, and storing services possible. For all your moving needs near Buffalo Grove, trust Alliance Moving to be there for you.