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Wheaton Moving Services

The city of Wheaton is thriving with opportunity. From parks and museums, to beautiful homes and great schools, Wheaton has something for everyone. It’s one of the best places to live in Illinois and is only 30 miles west of Chicago. If you’re looking for that classic suburban feel while still having the ability to work or spend the day in the big City, then Wheaton is the ideal place to move to!


Wheaton College, often called the “Harvard of Evangelical schools” is a school that focuses on giving Christian students a superior liberal arts education. Billy Graham attended the school, and in his honor, Wheaton College created the Billy Graham Center. It’s a museum that is dedicated to the history of evangelism as well as the ministry of Billy Graham. There are exhibits that portray Christian thoughts and ideals, evangelism, missions, and art.

There are several private schools for pre-school through eighth grade including a classical school, a Lutheran school, a Catholic school, a Christian school, and a Montessori school for ages 3-12. St. Francis and Wheaton Academy serve high school students seeking to receive a private education. Of course, there are also many public schools for elementary, middle, and high school located across the city.

Outdoor Recreation

The Wheaton Park District includes the Lincoln Marsh, Cosley Zoo, public swimming pools, and Arrowhead Golf Club. The marsh is home to prairie, wetlands, and animals, as well as a ropes course that provides a fun yet challenging activity for all. Cosley Zoo is home to over 200 animals and is open year-round.

Cantigny Park and Museum is a historical, 500-acre piece of land known for beautiful sights, rich history, and a golf course. The land was previously owned by Robert R. McCormick and was turned into a museum and park after his death. Spectators can explore the various gardens, check out the First Division Museum which teaches the history of the United States 1st Infantry Division, or tour McCormick’s home that was built in 1896.

Residential Moving

If you’ve started planning a move to Wheaton, we’ve got you covered! At Alliance Moving & Storage, we promise to provide affordable, dependable, and fast moving services to make sure that your next move is as easy and smooth as possible. We’re family-operated, and with over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll handle all of your items with the most care. Whether you’ve got a lot of heavy furniture, expensive pieces, heirlooms, or just a lot of boxes, let us take on the hard work for you.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Our services include disassembly and reassembly too. If you’re worried about packing everything up and trying to take apart large furniture, don’t stress. We take great care of all of your large, heavy, and expensive items whether it be furniture, electronics, or weight room equipment. Contact us today if you’re looking for exceptional moving services and we can get started on a schedule that fits your needs!