Moving With Pets – 7 Tips


When you’re getting ready to move, you’re thinking about all the STUFF you have to move with you, right? Furniture, clothes, appliances, décor, all the important items, big or small, that make up your home. What about another part of your home that is ultra-special? Those furry little friends who give you unconditional love – your pets! How do you make sure your pets are taken care of during the journey of relocating from one home to another?

1. Give Them a Preview
You know your pets can be more aware of their environment than you’d ever imagine. They’re the ones who can hear a car from a mile away or smell a stranger approaching your doorstep. Our relocation specialists, who truly think of every detail, recommend that you take your pet on a trip to visit your new space before you move. Have them walk and run around, sniff out as many corners as they please, and get more familiar with their new home, too.

2. Pack for Them Like You’d Pack for You
Your lovable buddy is full of energy and so smart, but, pets can’t pack for themselves. Well, maybe in the movies. When packing for your pets, use packing materials that will protect their small toys and other items. Dedicate a moving box or two just for them, so you can easily find what you need to get them settled in your new home. For birds and other smaller animals that you might keep cages, that’s usually the safest place to pack them until you’re all moved.

3. But, They Need More Than You Do…
Moving Day is almost here and you’ve been busy organizing and packing. You’re not really worried about what you’re going to eat that day or the essentials you might need, but what about your pets? Be sure to pack a separate bag with their food so that you aren’t spending forever looking for the right box. In fact, if possible, select a specific spot in the new house where all your pet’s items will go so that they are easily accessible. Residential and commercial moving specialists, like Alliance Moving & Storage, will be more than happy to cater to any need.

4. Hire Pet-Loving Movers
There are those who are pet-friendly and then there are those who are pet-loving. At Alliance, we’re focused on making it an easy move for every member of the household, including your pets. Our exceptional packing and unpacking services make us the best movers in Chicago, but there’s also a special sort of caring and concern required when your pets are involved. We understand. Be sure to select movers who also get it.

5. Put a Loved One on Pet-Sitting Duty
If you’re worried that your pet might get restless in a cage or lonesome without your attention during a move, ask a relative or friend to pet-sit for as long as possible on moving days. Prepare a thank you gift in advance because after the move, you’ll probably need time to get properly settled.

6. Let Them Be Fashionably Late
Have your friend or relative pet-sit for as long as possible. You want your pet to be the last one there. This way, they aren’t in the hustle and bustle of the move. Ask your licensed movers to make sure your pet’s belongings are clearly marked and easy-to-find, so you can set up their new space before they even arrive.

7. Call the Doc
For long distance moves especially, you might not be able to have your regular checkups at your pet’s former veterinarian. Ask your current one for a recommendation, or get online and start doing your own search. You’ll want to call the new office in advance to register.

We know your pets are members of your family, which is why we think it’s important to plan ahead and help them have a smooth transition. After all, it’s not like they can tell you what they need or want. Unless we’re in a movie.