Pool Table Movers

Pool tables are another advanced move that requires a team of professional movers. Do not try to move your expensive piece of furniture yourself and risk damage, but instead let our team of certified movers handle the job. We will package and prepare your table for move thoroughly before loading it. We bring a full team of movers to every pool table move so that we can effortlessly move it around while the weight is evenly distributed among our team. Our team can also safely and securely fit the pool table through any doorway, hallway, staircase, or elevator and bring special equipment with whenever necessary.

At Alliance we provide you with:

  • A team of movers specializing in advanced moves involving pool tables.
  • Transporting all types of pool tables no matter the size.
  • Thoroughly package and prepare your pool table for move.
  • Special equipment available for moving pool tables.
  • Your pool tables safety guaranteed.
  • Affordable rates to move locally or anywhere in the continental US.