Preparing For The Long Haul: Long Distance Moving


As a moving company in Chicago, one of the busiest places in the world where many people relocate to and from for work, we’re focused on providing excellent residential and commercial moving services. Here are some tips of advice from our experienced specialists on how to get ready for your long distance move:

1. Hire Movers Willing to Go the Distance
It’s always essential to hire professional, licensed movers to help you have the safest and fastest move possible, but even more so when the journey to your new home is not a quick and easy one. Not all moving companies in Chicago will be able to accommodate long distances, especially interstate moving or cross country moving. Alliance Moving & Storage is proud to have some of the best movers in Chicago to help you relocate virtually anywhere in the country.

2. Finally Get to that Junk Drawer and More
Think of it this way, while a long distance move might take a bit more work, this is your chance to downsize and make decisions on whether to toss or keep various items that have accumulated in your home. Plus, you’ll save so much more time on packing and unpacking services, and money on packing materials and moving boxes. We’re not saying that your junk drawer (or that side closet no one is allowed to open except you) belongs on an episode of Hoarders, but we all have a tendency to pile up the stuff once we get comfortable. Use this as your opportunity to do a little cleanup.

3. Stay Organized (Permission to Be OCD)
Now, being experts in the home (we see a lot of them), we can tell you, some people are definitely neat freaks. This is one of those times we’ll join Danny Tanner from Full House and say, “Go for it!” Nothing will make settling into your new home easier than packing in an organized fashion. We use the highest quality moving boxes and packing materials and recommend that you do, too. Then, have some fun and geek out on colored sharpies, labels and label makers, special stickers — basically anything to help you (and your movers) when it comes to knowing where things should go in your new space. The time it takes to stay organized while packing is paid back to you in innumerable ways when you’re unpacking later.

4. Don’t Pack It All!
After that last tip, you might be tempted to get everything packed and have the neatest, nicest moving boxes on the block. Go on with your organized self! But, we also recommend that you to keep some essentials on hand and avoid packing them in the boxes that will go on moving trucks or not be easily accessible during the move. Depending on how far the distance, you might need clothes, toiletries, medications, and other supplies. Think about what your moving days will be like, where you’ll be, and who will be with you (including pets!), to make a list of what you should pack in handy travel bags, ready for when you need them.

5. Start Your Paper Trail
Trail, as in going on a trip, get it? OK, we never claimed to be professional comedians, but we are definitely relocation specialists. Moving far away from your current city or neighborhood oftentimes means brand new everything, including schools, doctors, vets, telephone and cable companies, and even where you get your car serviced. Start the transition before you get there — get registered, have your address updated — let them know you’re coming. And, if moving to a new state, make sure you know how long you have to get your new driver’s license before you and an officer are having a friendly chat about it took so long.

6. Don’t Forget Your Wheels
When most people mentally prepare for a move, they think room-by-room of their current home and how to get everything packed and moved to the new place. As seasoned household moving specialists, we know one of the last things you think about when it comes to long distance moves … your car! Determine, early on, if you are going to have your car(s) transported/shipped to your new home or if you and others plan to drive there. We could write an entirely separate blog on this alone (ok, we might!) and can’t stress how important it is to make arrangements in advance, including booking airline flights if needed. As one of the best moving companies in Chicago, we’ve got you covered when it comes to getting your automobiles moved, too.

7. Figure out Your Next Move
We know, there is a lot happening, but this can also be a wonderful and exciting time. Moving somewhere new and different means you get to experience things in another neighborhood or even cross country that you might otherwise never have. What does your new city have to offer? Do some online research and get the entire family involved in making a list of things to do once you’re settled. Theaters, museums, local attractions — you get to play tourist in your new hometown. Enjoy and happy moving!