Smart Tips On Moving Your Business Or Office – 9 Tips


Alliance Moving & Storage not only helps households move into their new homes with our superb residential moving services, our relocation specialists also work with commercial business owners on moving their companies into new spaces. Based on what we see from small and large business moves alike, we know there’s a long checklist in store — here are some tips to help you stay on top of what’s next.

1. Be the Boss
As an owner and leader, you hear this all the time: you need to delegate, you need to trust others with the responsibility to get things done. When there’s a lot on your plate, this is essential. We know, you can do it better than anyone else. This is your business, your baby in so many ways, so it’s not easy to let others handle some of the things you’d rather do yourself. But, ask yourself, do you have the time and ability to handle it all? If the honest answer is NO, then it’s perfectly ok to start assigning tasks to your employees or temporary workers to get ready for your office move.

2. Your Customers Come First
As a moving company, we know what matters most to a business — its customers. So, let them in on the secret as early as you can … you’re moving! Especially if your business has a storefront, meaning you have customers in and out regularly, they should be in the know as soon as possible so they can plan ahead, too. Start by mentioning it as they check out or ask questions, then create signs and post them around the store, and go ahead and update your website, too. Be sure to keep your current location’s information available with a reminder that it will be changing soon.

3. Papers, Papers, Papers…
No, we don’t just mean the office paper you have to file and pack! Think about all the different papers you had to fill out and submit when you first started or purchased your company. You’ll take a trip down Memory Lane as you begin to update all of your registrations and services with your new business location information. We’ll leave the legal details to the experts, especially if you are embarking on a corporate relocation, but this is one of the biggest items on your checklist and something to start tackling early on in the moving process.

4. Prioritize. Packing. Period.
OK, now that you’ve actually shopped and found a new space, you’re starting to let people know, and you decided when the big move is going to happen, what’s next? The biggest piece of this … packing! As with any move, it’s most helpful to stay organized so that you’re unpacking process will be easier. Our licensed movers are experts at packing and unpacking services and only use the best quality moving boxes and packing materials. As always, we recommend that you do, too, particularly with fragile merchandise and expensive products — these items are what make up your business and should be handled with attention and care.


Above View of Moving In or Out of a Cubicle


5. Hire Professional Movers
As one of the best moving companies in Chicago, what else would you expect us to recommend? But, seriously, this is the time to trust experts to the big and heavy. Offices have additional needs, specific to your type of business, such as large and/or sensitive equipment that take trained and experienced movers to handle. If your company or office is moving long distance or cross country, the process of loading, securing, and unloading your items is crucial — the longer your items are on the road, the more secure they need to be. Also, a quality commercial moving company will help you strategize so that you can make the most out of your new space and get all of your equipment, stock, products, supplies, and more relocated and ready to go as quickly as possible. Time is always money, but especially when it comes to your business. Save time by choosing a well-qualified moving company.

6. Charity Can You Use What You Can’t
You know that old printer in the corner that doesn’t work well anymore and was replaced a while ago? Or what about all the toner from a copier you no longer have? There is no better time to reorganize your office than when you are moving your business. Be sure to keep local charities and community centers in mind before you throw away old equipment and supplies that they might find useful or could sell for additional donations.

7. Move During Non-Peak Days and Hours
If possible, moving during a day you are already closed, such as over the weekend, is best. This will be the least disruptive to your customers and regular business. In major cities like Chicago, moving companies (like ours!) will accommodate any schedule to help you move when it makes the most sense.

8. Remember to Breathe
Throughout this whole process, there will be times when it seems beyond overwhelming (because it is), so … just … breathe. Take a few moments away from the checklists, from the boxes, from the chores and need-to-dos. As Frankie says, “Relax.” Did that make you laugh a bit? Or, are you now searching the web to find out what that reference means? GOOD. It’s helpful to distract yourself and do something different to break up all the chaos of a big move. This is an exciting time, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Be sure to take care of yourself along the way.

9. Throw a Party
What better way to celebrate your new space and advertise it to your loyal customers and new ones, too, than to throw a fun grand opening event! It’s a wonderful way to welcome everyone to the new location. Have some light refreshments and snacks, create a few special promotions, and add some prizes to the mix, too. The move is done, everything is settling down, finally, and it’s time to get back to business, so do it with a bang!