Affordable Storage & Student Moving Services

March 8, 2019

Affordable Storage & Student Moving Services

Affordable Student Moving Services

Believe it or not, the end of the school year is closer than you think. If you’re from out-of-town or out-of-state, you’ll need a plan for your belongings once your dorm closes for the summer. Even if you packed lightly when you moved in, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated extra items throughout the year. Affordable moving and storage options for college students could be exactly what you need.

Benefits of Student Moving Services

Did you know that some moving companies have services specifically for college students? This is great news if you already know your stuff won’t fit in your car to bring home, especially if you’ve added any extra furniture to your room since moving in. If you don’t have a car at college, this is even better news for your parents if they were planning to pick you up from a different state. If this is your final year in college, you’ll be moving out of your dorm for good and will likely need help moving into your next space. Rather than having your family and dormmates help carry your belongings out of your dorm and pack them in the car Tetris-style, leave the moving to the professionals. 

Affordable Summer Storage

If you aren’t planning to bring your belongings back home, renting a storage unit over the summer could be the perfect solution for you. This is especially helpful for students who live very far away and typically fly to and from school. Storage units offer the perfect amount of space for dorm room items. If you’re only leaving a few larger furniture or storage pieces behind and don’t need an entire storage unit, you can even rent a storage unit with other college friends. 

Find the Best Affordable Storage & Student Moving Services Company

Student moving and storage sound like the perfect solution, right? The next step is to find the company near you with college student moving services. When searching for the best company, look for companies offering free quotes to help you find the most affordable services. 

Free Quotes: As a college student, you don’t have time to waste searching for the information that you need, only to discover dishonest prices listed online. A good, honest moving company will provide free quotes to help you know if their services the best for your price range. Free quotes will save you time and effort during your search, and also help you quickly identify services that are within your price range. 

Affordable Services: It’s no secret that many college students don’t have extra money to spend on moving or storage services. Steer clear from companies that list exorbitant prices. There are plenty of quality companies that offer the same services at a very reasonable and affordable price, and many even offer special discounts for college students. 

Don’t get stuck in a pinch at the end of the semester wondering what to do with your belongings. At Alliance Moving & Storage, we are happy to help college students figure out the best plan when the semester ends. Contact us today to learn more about the affordable student moving and storage options available to you!

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