Why You Should Donate To The Salvation Army

May 25, 2018

Why You Should Donate To The Salvation Army

When it comes time to moving, there are a good handful of household items that you may not want to bring along with you. Instead of selling it, or throwing it out, consider donating to the Salvation Army.


  • The church has a page on its website dedicated to its decided stance on the LGBT+ community that paints a nice picture.
  • The Salvation Army’s Christian affiliation drives the organization’s statements and beliefs.
  • They pay their employees fairly, they are run largely by volunteers, they donate grundles of money to women and children, and their National Commander makes less than $200k.
  • All funds donated to The Salvation Army are used by The Salvation Army, or agencies of which it is a member.
  • All social and community services are equally available without discrimination.
  • The Salvation Army works through a large quasi-military organizational model, that includes volunteers, committed members of The Salvation Army, its officers and staff.
  • There is no organization that can more readily mobilize itself where and when the need is greatest.

The Salvation Army helps one person at a time, believing that each person is infinitely valuable and equally worthy. We want you to make the switch and start donating!

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