Alliance Moving & Storage Helps Install Public Artwork to Inspire Hope

May 31, 2021

Alliance Moving & Storage Helps Install Public Artwork to Inspire Hope

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Artist Matthew Hoffman’s new artwork, “You’ve Got This,” was recently installed by Alliance Moving & Storage. Located near the Roosevelt Collection Shops in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, the striking artwork is meant to be a sign of encouragement during mental health awareness month.

Ashley Paprock, the mall’s marketing director, emphasized the importance of cultivating a more profound sense of community after the intense racial unrest and adverse mental effects of the pandemic on Chicagoans in the past year.

Hoffman, who is also the creator of the renowned “You are Beautiful” project, commented on the sentiment behind his artwork, saying: “No matter what happens or gets thrown at you, you got this, and you can handle it.”

The “You are Beautiful” project began in 2002 in Chicago as a series of 100 affirmation stickers and has since culminated into murals, and 35 other public artworks around the city, with “You’ve Got This” marking the year of the pandemic.

Our team at Alliance Moving & Storage is immensely proud to be part of this initiative, which brings hope during a time of recovery. As expert movers, we’ve witnessed not only the stress our customers have undergone moving during this unprecedented time but also felt the impacts of the past year.

As a family-operated business, we know the important role community plays within our lives. We always strive to make life easier for our customers. Being part of this powerful initiative echoes Hoffman’s sentiments that we can get through it together no matter what happens.

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