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Furniture Movers Chicago: Serving the City and its Suburbs

Looking for assistance with furniture relocation in the Chicagoland area? As leading furniture movers Chicago trusts, we handle every aspect of your move, even the cumbersome furniture pieces that challenge standard doorways. Serving both the heart of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, we've got all your furniture moving needs covered.
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Alliance Moving & Storage Are Your Trusted Furniture Movers in Chicago, Il


Moving furniture in the greater Chicago area, including Elk Grove Village and Deerfield, often presents unique challenges. Constricted hallways, slim door frames, and numerous buildings with insufficient or non-functional elevators can make furniture relocation a daunting task. Before you get overwhelmed with the idea of handling your move solo, consider our dependable and affordable services. Whether your move is residential or commercial, our seasoned movers exercise the utmost care and precision with your belongings.
In a city with an abundance of furniture moving options, Alliance Moving & Storage stands out because we're committed to ensuring a seamless transition. Safeguarding and efficiently transporting your heaviest and most precious items is our top priority. Drawing on our experience, we come equipped with the knowledge, tools, and passion necessary for a successful move.

Why Do You Need a Professional Furniture Moving Team?

It may tempt you to skip hiring Chicago furniture movers altogether and instead try to move your furniture on your own. In some cases, it could be feasible for you to move on your own, especially if you only have one or two larger pieces of furniture. However, if you are attempting to move many heavy items on your own, you might want to consider hiring a team instead.
Although hiring a professional moving company will be more expensive than a DIY move, the cost is worth every penny. Here are some scenarios that you should consider hiring a professional team:
  • This is your first time moving
  • You have many different furniture items that need moving
  • Your furniture is sentimental, fragile, or brand new
  • You don’t have sufficient transportation to take your larger furniture items between locations
  • You don’t have an elevator
  • You don’t have the physical capabilities to move large pieces of furniture
Why Do You Need a Professional Furniture Moving Team?
what we do

Our Professional Moving Services

At Alliance Moving & Storage, we aim to deliver unmatched moving services for our customers from the very first interaction. From giving you an initial quote to waving farewell at your new home or office, our Chicago movers have the highest standards of professionalism. As a dedicated professional moving company, we promise the same customer service excellence throughout the entire moving process.

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

We’ll happily take apart your furniture and reassemble it in your new space. We’re also happy to help with appliances, electronics, and oversized furniture as well.

Same Building Furniture Moving

If you need a furniture moving service in Chicago within the same building, our team is happy to help you safely and efficiently pack your furniture and move it between units.

Same Complex Furniture Moving

In some cases, you might be moving between apartments or townhomes in the same complex. Utilize our furniture moving services in Chicago, Il rather than moving your furniture on your own.

In-Home Furniture Rearranging

Residential moves require precision, a plan to load, unload, move, and place each piece of furniture in your new residence — and we have one.

Office Furniture Moving

Trust our Chicago office furniture movers to assist you with your commercial furniture needs as well! Whether your move is within the same building or a different area of town, we’re happy to help.

Moving Supplier

Choose from a wide range of top-notch moving supplies available for purchase, such as boxes, tape, padding, dollies, and more. Our fully stocked warehouse ensures that you have all the necessary packing and moving materials to safeguard your belongings and enjoy a hassle-free move.
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Schedule your estimate today and learn how we can help make your move efficient and worry-free.

What Kind of Furniture We Move

Bookshelves and other floating shelves can take up a large amount of truck space. By dismantling them, we create more space for other items.
Desks don’t always fit through door frames. If needed, we can remove the legs of your desk and reassemble them in your new space.
Office cabinets can be incredibly heavy to move on your own. Before moving any cabinets, we’ll make sure the drawers are empty.
Regardless of the type of sofa that you have, our team is well-equipped to handle the move for you! Rest assured your sofa will remain unscathed.
Sofas are often more formal and could have large armrests that make them difficult to carry. Our team knows how to maneuver them safely for your move.
How our storage works

Our Furniture Moving Process


Moving Estimate

Not only are our services professional, but so is our pricing. We never throw you curveballs your way and we offer transparent pricing so you know exactly what you’ll be paying. Take advantage of our online quote estimates or contact us directly to determine how much your move will be.

Disassembly & Packing

Once you have your quote, you’ll work with your assigned project manager to help you through the process. Know that all details are ironed out before the move so that when moving day arrives, our team can get to work packing and disassembling your items and loading them onto our van.

Unloading & Reassembly

A qualified driver will transport your furniture to your new space. Then, our team will unload boxes and furniture, assembling them and rearranging them as needed.
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Benefits of Choosing Alliance Moving & Storage

Embark on a moving journey where precision, care, and service combine to provide a seamless transition. We've outlined some compelling benefits that stand as a testament to our commitment:
Multiple Services Under One Roof
Professional handling
With over 20 years of experience in the moving industry, we have an in-depth understanding of how furniture is made. We handle all items with care.
Affordable Rates
Experienced team
Nothing replaces experience! Our team members are qualified to take on the job, especially if you have unique furniture items that require a trained eye.
Affordable Rates
Fast & efficient
Everything is planned ahead of time to help reduce wasted time during the moving process.
Professional Moving Crews
Expert planning
Even if you’re moving in and out of a tight space, it’s no match for our team! We always make sure to understand the ins and outs of your old and new spaces to provide the most innovative solutions.

Our Happy Clients’ Reviews

I chose to only have my large pieces moved and that was the wrong decision! This company is AWESOME and took such care and attention to detail! I should have had them move every single piece. My furniture was well wrapped and covered. They were done in less than 2 hours! These guys are professional all the way. Do not hesitate to hire this family owned company for your next move.
Regina Dryden
Wonderful crew helped me move. This was my second time using their services. All my items were transported carefully and they did a great job wrapping my furniture as well. Quote was very reasonable. Highly recommend Alliance moving and storage.
Rudy Baddela
The movers were on time, did an amazing job of hauling all of our boxes and things in a Spring downpour. They expertly wrapped all of the furniture so everything was protected. We've been unpacking all week, and I haven't found a single thing that was broken, damaged, or even chipped. They were very careful with everything. I would definitely use these guys again!

People Ask

How much does furniture moving cost?

Many factors play into the overall cost of furniture moving. For example, we consider the number of items that you need moving, how large each item is, the distance between locations, etc. We encourage you to get in touch with us directly for the most accurate quote.

How long does furniture moving take?

How long it takes to complete your move depends on the volume of furniture items you have and whether any of them require special planning or maneuvering. Once we have a better idea of the details of your move, we can give you a more accurate timeline estimate.

Can I call movers to relocate just one piece of furniture?

Sure! We’re happy to help whether you need one piece of furniture relocated or an entire houseful. Regardless of the volume of furniture you’ll need moved, know that our team is always professional and prompt.

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Alliance Moving & Storage is dedicated to offering premier furniture moving services. As a trusted name in furniture moving, our expertise lies in smoothly transporting your possessions from Chicago to destinations all over the USA. Count on us for meticulous care and precision throughout your move. Reach out to us for a hassle-free move.
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