Moving to a new home or office can be equal parts exciting and stressful. Fortunately, the Chicago area is home to numerous reputable moving companies that can help make your transition smooth and stress-free. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 20 best Chicago movers for 2024.

#1. Alliance Moving & Storage

As the premier choice for moving services in the Chicago area, Alliance Moving & Storage offers a full suite of services tailored to meet any moving need. From full-service packing and unpacking to secure, climate-controlled storage solutions, and specialized commercial moving services, Alliance stands out for its commitment to excellence. Recognized as the top-rated moving company in Chicago by Expertise, Alliance Moving & Storage has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service.

With a dedicated team of professional Chicago movers, state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer-first approach, Alliance guarantees a seamless and stress-free moving experience for every client. Their web-based intake form simplifies the booking process, and their privately owned vehicles ensure your belongings are handled with care.

Benefits of Alliance Moving & Storage

Benefits of Alliance Moving & Storage
  • Experienced and professional movers: Alliance Moving & Storage has a team of experienced and professional movers who are trained to handle your belongings with care.
  • Competitive pricing: Alliance Moving & Storage offers competitive pricing for all of its services. They’ll work with you to create a moving plan that fits your budget and helps you save money.
  • Wide range of services: Alliance Moving & Storage offers a range of services to meet your needs, whether you’re moving locally or want to make a long-distance move. They also provide furniture moving and bubble wrap to protect your valuables during transit.
  • Reliable and trustworthy: Alliance Moving & Storage is a reliable and trustworthy moving company that you can count on to get your belongings to your new home or office safely and on time. They offer a written contract to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Excellent customer service: Alliance Moving & Storage is committed to providing excellent customer service. Their team is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. They pride themselves on their personal responsibility and dedication to providing a high-quality shipping experience.

Ratings: 4.9/5 stars across various platforms for their exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

#2. Move4U

Specializing in both local moves and long-distance moves, Move4U offers full-service packing and unpacking services, leveraging high-quality packing paper and supplies to keep your belongings safe. Their experienced team also offers specialized services for oversized and delicate items. Move4U builds solid carrier relationships so the moving process is smooth, even for cross-country relocations.


  • Efficient handling of both local and long-distance moves.
  • Full packing and unpacking services using top-tier packing materials.
  • Free estimates and transparent pricing.


  • Limited availability during peak moving seasons.
  • Some pricing inconsistencies after initial estimates.

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars, praised for professionalism and efficiency.

#3. Mid-West Moving & Storage

Mid-West Moving & Storage

Mid-West Moving & Storage offers a broad spectrum of moving services, including residential moving services and commercial moving, packing services, and storage unit options. They’re known for their unique offerings like parking permit coordination and specialized equipment for safe transport. Mid-West Moving & Storage employs service professionals who deliver quality service in a timely manner.


  • Wide range of moving services catering to both residential and commercial clients.
  • Unique additional services, including parking permit coordination.
  • Accurate knowledge of local moving regulations and requirements.


  • Higher pricing for comprehensive moving solutions.
  • Some delays were noted in moving schedules.

Ratings: 4.3/5 stars, recognized for service variety and customer care.

#4. H2H Movers Inc.

H2H Movers Inc. offers an extensive selection of moving services that include local moves, long-distance moves, and detailed packing services and unpacking services. They prioritize safe and efficient transport so the moving process is smooth from start to finish. Their instant quoting technology provides clients with fast and accurate moving estimates.


  • Comprehensive service offerings for local and long-distance moves.
  • Prompt and professional moving services.
  • User-friendly web-based intake form for easy booking.


  • The quoting process can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.
  • Limited long-distance moving options.

Ratings: 4.6/5 stars, favored for their efficiency and attention to detail.

#5. New City Moving & Storage

New City Moving & Storage

Known for their extensive moving services and storage unit solutions, New City Moving & Storage caters to a range of moving needs. They excel in providing personalized moving plans, secure storage unit facilities, and adept handling of all belongings for a hassle-free move. Their automated technology streamlines the moving process and keeps clients informed every step of the way.


  • Comprehensive moving and storage services.
  • Exceptional customer service with a focus on personalized moving experiences.
  • Easy auto-ship services for vehicle transport.


  • Pricing can be higher relative to competitors.
  • Occasional communication challenges during peak periods.

Ratings: 4.4/5 stars, known for their diverse services and customer support.

#6. Moovers Chicago

Moovers Chicago specializes in local moves within the Chicago area, offering detailed and efficient moving services. Their services include professional movers packing, safe transport, and helpful moving advice that benefits local moves. The company specializes in navigating the challenges of city moving, such as parking and building access.


  • Specialization in local moves, offering tailored and attentive service.
  • Competitive pricing and transparent estimates.
  • Skilled in handling moves within the same building or complex.


  • Services are more focused on local rather than long-distance moves.
  • Some reports of moving day delays.

Ratings: 4.2/5 stars, praised for local expertise and cost-effectiveness.

#7. Collins Family Movers

Collins Family Movers

As a family-owned business and operated moving company, Collins Family Movers offers personalized residential moving services. They pride themselves on their careful handling of belongings, efficient moving strategies, and friendly moving service, making your move feel more personal. As a bonus, their team includes a former IT manager who ensures a technologically efficient moving process.


  • Personalized and high-quality residential moving services.
  • The family-operated business ensures a personalized touch.
  • Tech-savvy team leverages automated technology for a smooth move.


  • Limited availability for bookings during peak seasons.
  • Fewer services for commercial moving needs.

Ratings: 4.7/5 stars, celebrated for their personal approach and exceptional service.

#8. Move-Tastic!

Move-tastic! is renowned for its dynamic and friendly team that offers comprehensive moving services that cover everything from packing services to storage units. They excel in creating a positive moving process, with a focus on efficiency and client satisfaction. Their service professionals undergo rigorous training to provide top-notch service.


  • Energetic and professional staff that adds a fun element to moving.
  • The comprehensive range of services is tailored to individual needs.
  • Uses automated technology for efficient booking and scheduling.


  • Higher pricing for their premium, full-service offerings.
  • Some inconsistencies in service quality as reported by customers.

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars, known for making the moving process enjoyable and stress-free.

#9. The Professionals Moving Specialists

The Professionals Moving Specialists

The Professional Chicago Movers focus on providing meticulous planning, packing services, and moving services for both residential moving and commercial moving clients. They’re also adept at handling emergency moving services with ease and efficiency. They have solid carrier relationships that ensure a smooth moving process, even during peak seasons.


  • Wide variety of services catering to all moving needs, including emergency relocations.
  • Detail-oriented planning and execution for a seamless move.
  • Offers free estimates and free quotes for transparent pricing.


  • Some reports of moves taking longer than anticipated.
  • Pricing can be higher for complex moving projects.

Ratings: 4.6/5 stars, appreciated for their thorough services and detailed attention to client needs.

#10. 2 Guys and A Van

Perfect for smaller, more manageable local moves or relocations within the same building, 2 Guys And A Van specializes in providing efficient and budget-friendly moving services. Their straightforward booking process and focus on smaller-scale local moves make them an ideal choice for those not requiring extensive services. They offer free quotes and accurate knowledge of local moving requirements.


  • Ideal for cost-effective, small-scale moves.
  • Simplified booking process and focus on efficiency.
  • Provides furniture moving services for added convenience.


  • Not suited for larger, long-distance relocations.
  • Limited services in terms of packing and storage solutions.

Ratings: 4.3/5 stars, recognized for their convenience and affordability in local moving scenarios.

#11. All Country Van Lines

All Country Van Lines

All Country Van Lines shines in providing top-tier packing services, comprehensive storage unit solutions, and exceptional long-distance moving services. They stand out among the best Chicago moving companies for their ability to seamlessly manage both local moves and long-distance moves. Their service professionals are skilled in handling full-service moves and furniture moving.


  • Offers both local and long-distance moves for flexibility.
  • Provides convenient storage options alongside moving services.
  • Competitive pricing for various moving needs.


  • The website can be a bit difficult to navigate.
  • Limited information on insurance policies.

Ratings: 3.9/5 stars on Google with mixed reviews.

#12. Those Movers LLC

As a dynamic presence among Chicago movers, Those Movers LLC offers efficient local moves, backed by a professional team dedicated to providing the best moving experience. They emphasize transparent pricing and customer satisfaction, making them a top choice for residential moving services. Their moving trucks are well-maintained and equipped with bubble wrap and other packing materials.


  • Affordable pricing relative to other Chicago moving companies.
  • Offers binding estimates to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Transparent and customer-focused approach.


  • Smaller, newer companies might have less experience with big moves.
  • Can have limited availability during peak moving periods.

Ratings: 4.7/5 stars on Google with predominantly positive reviews.

#13. All Seasons Movers

All Seasons Movers

All Seasons Movers provides comprehensive moving services, including expert packing services and secure storage unit options. Their experience spans residential moving services and commercial moving, showcasing their versatility as one of the best moving companies in Chicago. They prioritize personal responsibility and strive to deliver a high-quality shipping experience.


  • Well-rounded options for both residential and commercial moves.
  • Offer free on-site estimates for accurate moving quotes.
  • Experienced and professional team.


  • Can be slightly more expensive than some of the smaller companies.
  • May have longer wait times for scheduling.

Ratings: 4.4/5 stars on Google with many positive reviews.

#14. Chicagoland Moving and Storage, Inc.

Chicagoland Moving and Storage, Inc., excels in providing a broad range of moving services, including efficient packing and unpacking services, reliable residential moving services, and versatile commercial moving solutions. Their addition of junk removal services further establishes them as a comprehensive provider in the Chicago area. They build solid career relationships to guarantee a smooth moving process.


  • Well-established company with a long history in Chicago.
  • Versatile and skilled in handling various moving needs.
  • Offers additional services like junk removal.


  • Pricing can be on the higher side.
  • Some customer feedback suggests inconsistent communication.

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars with several positive reviews.

#15. Clutter Moving & Storage

Clutter Moving & Storage

Innovating the moving industry, Clutter Moving & Storage integrates technology-driven solutions with traditional moving services, offering a modern approach to storage and relocation. Their unique moving and storage packages, complemented by an easy online booking system, make them one of the best moving companies in Chicago for those seeking a tech-savvy approach. They offer easy auto-ship services for convenient vehicle transport.


  • Convenient online booking and modern approach.
  • Transparent pricing and itemization of services.
  • Unique bundled moving and storage packages.


  • Can be less responsive to customer inquiries than traditional companies.
  • Focus on technology may not appeal to those seeking more personal interaction.

Ratings: 4.2/5 on Google with mixed reviews.

#16. Elite Moving & Storage, Inc.

Elite Moving & Storage, Inc. is renowned for its wide range of moving services that cater to both residential and commercial clients. They excel in full-service packing, and crating for delicate items, and offer specialized moving services for items that require extra care. Their storage solutions are designed to provide a seamless transition for long-distance moves and local moves alike. They employ service professionals who undergo rigorous training.


  • Wide range of services for diverse moving needs.
  • Emphasis on packing and crating for delicate items.
  • Experienced and well-trained professional movers.


  • Premium services can mean higher costs.
  • The website can be difficult to navigate to find clear information.

Ratings: 4.8/5 on Google with several positive reviews.

#17. Coffey Brothers Movers

Coffey Brothers Movers

As a family-owned business with years of experience, Coffey Brothers Movers specializes in providing detailed planning and personalized moving solutions. Their services span from residential moving services, and commercial moving services, to handling and transporting specialty items needing extra care. They also offer packing services, storage solutions, and assistance with junk removal, ensuring a stress-free moving process. Their automated technology streamlines the booking and scheduling process.


  • Extensive experience as a longstanding Chicago moving company.
  • Offers detailed planning and personalized moving solutions.
  • Skilled in handling specialty items requiring extra care.


  • May not be the most cost-effective option.
  • Can have limited availability during peak season.

Ratings: 4.4/5 on Google with numerous reviews.

#18. Legit Movers

Legit Movers cater primarily to small-scale local moves, offering affordable labor-only options and a simple booking process. Their services are designed to be straightforward and budget-friendly, making them an excellent choice for those needing efficient moving assistance without the full spectrum of services offered by larger companies. They offer free quotes and free estimates for transparent pricing.


  • Ideal for small-scale local moves.
  • Offers affordable labor-only options for those on a budget.
  • Simple booking process with transparent pricing.


  • Not suited for long-distance or large-scale moves.
  • Services beyond local and labor-only moves are limited.

Ratings: 4.8/5 on Google with a high number of positive reviews.

#19. 606 Movers, Inc.

606 Movers, Inc.

Focused on serving the local Chicago community, 606 Movers, Inc. offers competitive pricing for smaller-scale moves. They provide essential moving services, including packing, loading, and unloading, along with temporary storage solutions for clients in transition. Their moving trucks are well-maintained and equipped with necessary moving supplies.


  • Caters to local moves within the city limits.
  • Competitive pricing for smaller-scale moves.
  • Offers temporary storage solutions alongside moving services.


  • Not equipped for handling long-distance or very large moves.
  • Limited service area outside Chicago.

Ratings: 4.6/5 on Google based on customer experiences.

#20. Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc.

Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. offers a broad array of moving services, including residential moving, commercial moving, packing, and storage solutions. Their team is equipped to handle complex moves, offering dedicated move managers to ensure a personalized and streamlined moving experience. They leverage automated technology to provide instant quoting technology and accurate knowledge of moving costs.


  • Experienced company with a solid reputation.
  • Dedicated move managers for a personalized experience.
  • Skilled in handling complex commercial moves.


  • May be more expensive than smaller moving companies.
  • Booking requires significant lead time.

Ratings: 4.3/5 based on a mix of positive and less favorable reviews.

Alliance Moving & Storage Is Your Best Solution!

When choosing a moving company in the Chicago area, you’ll want to consider factors such as the company's experience, range of services, pricing, and customer reviews. Alliance Moving & Storage stands out as the best choice for those seeking a reliable, full-service moving company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

With their experienced and professional team, comprehensive services, and competitive pricing, Alliance Moving & Storage can handle all your moving needs, ensuring a stress-free transition to your new home or office. Get a quote so your relocation is seamless!