Congratulations! You’ve bought a new home or business location. With the keys now in hand, all you have to do is move. But after all the expense of finding a new place, you want to save some money while moving. If you’ve moved before, you know that many costs need to be closely observed while planning. Moving trucks, boxes, movers, containers, pods, and everything else that it takes to move don’t show up for free. Luckily, our tips on how to move for cheap will save you money and make your move easier.

Inquire About Company Relocation Policies

Before you begin planning or even start house shopping, check with your employer about relocation packages. If your work requires you to move, your company may be able to pay some of the costs. If they do have a relocation package, you may be able to use those funds for any part of the move.

Compare Mover Costs

More quotes equals more options. When it comes to moving, more options will always be preferable. When you start your move, get quotes from a wide range of moving companies. Armed with this information, you can identify which company provides the cheapest rate for the widest range of needed services. If you’re in the middle of planning your move, get a free quote from Alliance Moving & Storage today.

Look for Free Packing Materials

Packing materials aren’t expensive, but the cost of them adds up over time. Save some money by checking on sites like Craigslist for free boxes in your area. People tend to sell leftover boxes after a move, so with luck you might find some nearby for free or for cheap. Another great way to save on boxes is to call your local grocer or a retail store. Retail and grocery stores receive a lot of boxes that they recycle or toss. They may give these away if you ask for them, which makes your move even cheaper.

Sell Some Belongings

This dual purpose tip saves you money on moving service costs and puts cash directly into your pocket. Hosting a garage sale cuts the number of belongings you have. If you’re able to sell furniture or appliances, you can make a decent sum of cash and drastically reduce the cost of a move. If you don’t have the ability to host a garage sale, list some belongings on Craigslist, eBay or a similar site.

Weigh the Benefits and Drawbacks of a DIY Move

Movers and moving companies cost a good sum of money, but they also provide cost savings. A DIY move has hidden costs that often don’t get their due consideration. Renting a moving truck or pod, buying your own boxes … all of these things add up over time. You need to consider whether or not the benefit of hiring movers outweighs the difficulty of a DIY move. In general, a DIY move is worth considering for local or short distance moves, but we always recommend movers for interstate and long-distance moves, which takes us to our next tip.

Consider the Moving Distance

The distance of your move will play a factor in how much it costs to move. Moving longer distances costs more because of associated fuel costs and increased labor time. If you choose to do a long distance DIY move, the cost of the moving truck that you rent greatly increases. If you plan to do a DIY move over a long distance, consider moving containers. You load these portable storage units by yourself and then ship them to your new home.

Ship Some Belongings

Sometimes shipping your belongings can save you money. Unexpected as that may sound, flat rate shipping durable media items like DVDs reduces the amount of space taken up in your moving truck. Shipping these items may be cheaper than renting a larger truck, van or moving container.

Pick an Affordable Moving Date

If you plan to hire a moving company, watch out for peak rates. Movers charge more during certain times. Avoid weekend and holiday season moves if at all possible. Rates may also change based on the time of the move. Be sure to check in with your moving company before locking in the date and time to see if they offer a cheaper option.

Ready to Save Money on Your Next Move?

Alliance Moving & Storage has everything you need to ensure a cheap, simple and streamlined move. We provide all of our customers with a moving coordinator who helps you pick the most affordable dates and options available. Our helpful movers are at the ready to perform any service you need. Whether you need a truck, packing and unpacking help, assembly and disassembly services, or storage, we have you covered. Contact us today to see how we can help you move for cheap.