When moving, there are a lot of things to consider. Which rooms will your children pick? Which car gets to go in the garage? How much will you like your new neighbors? All these are questions that are worth considering, but deciding what you’ll leave behind is one of the toughest decisions of any move.

While each move presents its own unique challenges, there are certain items that are best left behind. Knowing what items not to pack will help you avoid getting bogged down by clutter before you even get a chance to settle in. Use this helpful guide to determine which items to leave behind, donate or sell before you head to your new home.

Items Too Difficult to Move

One of the biggest reasons to leave behind items while moving is because they’re too big or too heavy. Whether it’s your garage fridge, the old jukebox you never fixed, or a china cabinet that’s been empty for years, there’s some stuff that just doesn’t need to come along for the ride. Here are some items not to pack because of their weight and size.


Many houses and apartments come with in-unit appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers. Even if the place you’re moving does not, consider that the cost of upgrading these appliances may not be significantly more than the cost of moving them. A move could be the perfect time to get the washer, dryer, stove or fridge that you’ve been eyeing.

Physical Media

While books, records and DVDs can have sentimental value, a move presents the perfect opportunity to declutter your collection. With the rise of streaming media and the ability to make digital purchases, getting rid of physical media is easier than ever. These items are always hot sellers at garage sales and can help increase your moving funds.

Garage Storage Items

Anyone with a garage knows that there are more than a few things they could get rid of, but just don’t have the time. Moving homes is a great time to cut back on garage clutter by getting rid of dusty old posters and pet-projects that never got off the ground.

Outdated Furniture

Most everyone has a piece or two of furniture that they’d like to replace. Now that you’re headed to a new location, consider selling your mismatched couch or old china cabinet in a yard sale instead of lugging it to your new home. These items can fetch a great price, and there’s almost always someone in need of a cheap piece of furniture who will swing by to pick it up.

Items That Are Easy to Replace

The other type of item that is best left behind is those that are easy to replace. Though they tend to be small and light, these items can turn your moving truck into a cluttered mess before you even get to your new home. Most of these items are best left in the garbage can and then replaced with better versions to avoid clutter and moving stress.

Bathroom Items & Toiletries

Though there are certain necessities in your bathroom that you’ll want to take with you, chances are you have more than a few items that are out of date beneath your sink. Leave behind the ratty old loofah and toothbrush and pick up a new one on your way to your new home.


Aside from important personal documents and identification papers that you’ll absolutely want to keep, most papers lying around your home should be shredded or otherwise disposed of before moving. If you’ve got papers that still contain relevant information, consider scanning them and then shredding them to free up some space.


Depending on how far you’re moving, your new locale may have different weather and clothing considerations. Moving houses presents a great chance to change up your wardrobe and donate some of your older clothes to those in need.

Low Cost Kitchen Gadgets

If you have cheap kitchen gadgets (coffee makers, blenders, microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.) that you bought when you had a tighter budget, it might be time to upgrade them. These items break easily and can take up a lot of space in boxes that could be better used for essentials. If you’ve got the budget for it, purchasing new small appliances for your new kitchen is a great way to save space in your moving truck.

Moving with a Lighter Load

Now that you’ve cut down your possessions, you’re ready to hit the road! If you’re moving soon, find out how Alliance Moving & Storage can help make your move smooth and stress-free. Get a free quote to see how affordable and easy your move can be!