Most people — at various stages in their lives — consider the differences and possibilities of living in a small town or big city. From cultural diversity to higher-paying jobs and new social opportunities, there are many advantages to migrating to a large metropolis.

Moving to a city from a small town is sure to be an adventure. Yet, it can also induce a fair amount of anxiety. You’ll need to find a job, a new home, residential movers, and eventually, make new friends. Below are some tips to consider before making a move and broadening your horizons.

#1. Get Familiar with the City

Living in a big city vs. a small town has its fair share of economic and lifestyle differences. Before romanticizing what big-city life is like, you should do your homework. Even if you have received a remarkable job offer, you need to be 100% clear on why you want to move.

Look into neighborhoods, crime rates, the cost-of-living and the lifestyle. If you have a family, you’ll want to know the quality of schools and tertiary education. Other things to research include tax rates, the housing market, and job opportunities. If it doesn’t work out with your initial employer, you’ll want assurance you’ll be able to find a new job. 

#2. Find a Job Before You Move

Securing a job before moving to a city reduces the stress of relocation. The cost of living in a big city is higher than living in a small town, and most people would rather not worry about finding employment once they’ve moved. Having a job beforehand also helps maintain savings rather than using them to cover costs between jobs.

#3. Stay in Touch with Acquaintances

It takes time to adjust to a big-city lifestyle and make new friends. People forget that most friends start out as acquaintances. According to research, acquaintances turn into friends after three to nine weeks after meeting, provided there’s regular contact. Building up a network of people you know in your new city before actually moving there is really helpful.

Even having a one-person network is a great way to find out about which neighborhoods are best and what the job market is like. Conducting independent research is great, but it’s also important to get a personal perspective. Also, you never know who might meet through an acquaintance. 

#4. Find a Place to Stay

Moving from a small town to a big city can feel a bit lonely at first if you’re moving alone. Depending on your finances, you might want to find a roommate to cut costs and make the move feel less isolating. Regardless of your choice, it's a good idea to have a few options lined up in case your initial accommodation falls through.

#5. Research Public Transportation Options

One of the differences between a small town vs. a big city is the use of public transport. In some metropolises, driving equates to endless hours wasted in traffic, so people prefer to take public transport. Once you arrive, take a day or two to familiarize yourself with popular routes you can take from your home to places such as the bank, shopping areas, public squares, and other attractions.

small town vs big city

#6. Try Packing Light

When moving to a big city from a small town, you’ll notice most apartments or homes are relatively smaller. For this reason, and because packing and unpacking can be a chore, it’s best to pack light and take only what you need. Moving is also always a good time to declutter and get rid of things you no longer use.

However, if you have items you want to keep but don’t have space in your new home; you don’t have to part with them. You can leave them in storage until you find a bigger space. Some moving companies even offer storage as part of their services.

#7. Have Some Money Saved Up

Rainy day savings are important because life happens, and you never know when you might need spare cash, even if you have a steady job. Moving to a big city might come with additional expenses like parking tickets, or things you need for the new space that you hadn’t budgeted for before moving.

#8. Find the Best Residential Mover Company

Wondering how to move to a big city? The best way is to hire a moving company. It results in a safer moving process because professional movers understand how to pack, transport, load, and unpack items safely and securely. Ask family and friends or do some research online to find a reputable company. 

Another option is to hire Alliance Moving & Storage. As experienced Illinois residential movers, we take great care to make your move as stress-free as possible. Moving from a small town to a big city? No problem; we’ll make your journey a positive experience. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.