Moving can be a stressful season, especially if you’re pressed for time or funds. You might want to save money by moving some items yourself, but it’s important to stay safe before you call your professional moving team. With proper packing techniques, correct equipment, and careful listening to your body, you can get ready for your new home while keeping safety at the front of your mind.

Packing Preparation

When it comes to packing up your home, you probably want to get it done as efficiently and quickly as possible. Make sure you are not overpacking, because this can become dangerous during transportation. Moving boxes are typically created to hold a certain amount of weight. If you exceed that limit, you are putting strain on your body and risking the box breaking.

Be sure to pack your items properly. Wrap sharp objects like knives or garage supplies up in bubble wrap, packing paper, or towels. Wrap glass up tightly and properly, and label it so that your professional moving team knows they are carrying a fragile item. Extra-large boxes are made for blankets or pillows. Don’t use them to pile up as many items as you can fit. One way to make packing easy is to use specific boxes to fit your needs, whether for dishes, mirrors, TVs, or lamps.

Moving Equipment

Besides boxes, you should use proper moving gear to ensure safety when packing up your moving truck or car. For moving heavy items like furniture, use a good pair of work gloves for easy handling. Moving dollies or hand trucks will be the most beneficial to you because they are used to transport boxes, appliances, or furniture. Dollies will do most of the work for you because once the item is loaded on and strapped in, all you have to do is push or pull the dolly.

To protect your items, use bubble wrap, moving blankets or paper pads, and/or stretch wrap. These ensure that you can maneuver your items around in the truck without worrying about them becoming scratched, scuffed, or damaged.

Listen to Your Body

One of the most important moving safety tips is making sure your body stays healthy! Get enough sleep, eat regular meals, and stay hydrated. This will help to give you more energy and keep your mind sharp so that you keep safety in mind. It’s also wise to watch for heavy lifting. If you cannot lift something yourself, ask for help or leave it to your professional moving team! You can stretch in the morning or evening to help your muscles warm up before lifting numerous items all day. Finally, take breaks! If you’re feeling exhausted, stop for 20 minutes and allow your body to rest. Your health is more important than timely packing or loading, so let your body take a break when needed.

Your Professional Moving Team

To guarantee safety, professional moving teams are always your best option. Alliance Moving & Storage can provide you with proper packing materials and will make your relocation a breeze with careful packing, moving, and reassembly services. Inquire about a free quote today!

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