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Fine Art & Antique Movers in Chicago

Equipped with trustworthy moving essentials, we are prepared to help pack and move your most fragile items to their new home. Contact us today to receive a free quote tailored to your moving needs.
Alliance Moving & Storage Are Your Trusted Antique and Artwork Movers in Chicago

Why You Need Professional Movers to Handle Your Art & Antique Items

Fine art and antiques are fragile. If damaged, they may be difficult, costly, or impossible to repair, so avoiding unwanted drops, scratches, and bumps is essential when relocating. From specially designed boxes to cushioning, cloths, straps, and wheeled moving equipment, our professional art movers handle the packing and the commute with extra caution and care. Alliance Moving & Storage provides cost-effective and secure antique moving services for all your prized and precious belongings.

Alliance Moving & Storage Are Your Trusted Antique and Artwork Movers in Chicago

As a trusted art moving company with over 20 years of experience relocating high-value and specialty items, we understand what’s required to transport fragile goods. Expertly trained and professional at all times, our dedicated crew uses special boxes, crates, and palettes equally effective for moving antiques across the country or just a few miles away. 
Additionally, our climate-controlled storage facilities provide comprehensive solutions to all art and antique moving requirements. Regardless of their resale value or sentimental worth, your precious belongings will always receive the highest level of special care and attention at Alliance Moving & Storage.
Alliance Moving & Storage Are Your Trusted Antique and Artwork Movers in Chicago

Our Antique Moving Services in Chicagoland, IL

Art & Antiques Local Moving

Art & Antiques Local Moving

As trusted antique and artwork movers, we’ve perfected a secure logistics moving process that meets the needs of our clients, regardless of their relocation size.
Art & Antiques Packing and Unpacking

Art & Antiques Packing and Unpacking

Our professional art movers expertly pack and unpack art and antiques with high-quality materials designed to provide maximum protection at every stage of the art and antique moving process.
Art & Antiques Storage

Art & Antiques Storage

We have short and long-term storage solutions that are protected, climate-controlled, and available in a variety of sizes to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure.
Art & Antiques Packing Supplies

Art & Antiques Packing Supplies

From large sculptures to antique furniture, our high-quality, customized packing supplies can hold a diverse range of items and protect valuable possessions from irreparable damage.

What Type of Antiques We Move?

Our quality wrapping paper cushions paintings in custom crates or specially designed boxes for safe transportation, guaranteeing the utmost care before, during, and after transportation.
Antique rugs are inspected before they’re rolled up to ensure they won’t crack, after which they’re secured in protective plastic to safeguard against damage.
Our professional covers, straps, and trolleys, combined with our crew’s expertise, allow us to move antique pianos with zero damage up or down a flight of stairs and even over balconies.
We provide in-house custom crating services to accommodate the weight, size, and unique physical properties of sculptures. Our robust crates ensure stabilization and safety during the transportation of these artworks.
Our team will carefully disassemble and reassemble furniture if necessary before safely blanket wrapping, boxing, or creating goods. We provide the most secure solutions for every item of furniture.
Alliance Moving & Storage comes with the tools, supplies, and attention to detail to get your antiques and collectibles moved to your new address on time and undamaged.
How our storage works

Our Antiques Moving Process


Moving Estimate

First, we identify your belongings’ sensitivity to being handled and then provide upfront and transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Our estimate considers the appropriate method of handling and packing, as well as the size of the team needed for forwarding your belongings to their new destination.


An assigned project manager will assess your current and new premises to plan an efficient move. Narrow or awkward spaces influence whether furniture needs to be disassembled and reassembled, as well as crew required. Our careful planning ensures there are no unnecessary delays.

Packing & Transportation

When it comes to art and antique moving, we use premium packing materials to secure and cushion items in specialized boxes and crates. From packing to transportation, our fine art movers ensure your items are given the care they deserve.

Why Our Clients Believe We Are the Best Moving Company for Antiques in Chicago

With 20+ years of experience moving priceless, sentimental items, your belongings are safe with us.
Transparent Pricing

Professional Experience

Through experience, our art moving company has perfected a secure shipping process for valuable goods.
Professional Crews

Attention to Detail

We carefully label and store components, so furniture can be reassembled without missing parts.
High-Quality Service

Meticulous Planning

Our efficient logistics ensure your belongings are moved carefully and quickly into their new space.
Fast Service

Experienced Crew

We only use qualified team members, as moving art and antiques requires specialized skills.
Licensed, Certified, and Insured

Competitive Pricing

We offer reasonable pricing, so you can afford to move your heirlooms and priceless items.
With 20+ years of experience moving priceless, sentimental items, your belongings are safe with us.
ready to move?

ready to move?

Schedule your estimate today and learn how we can help make your move efficient and worry-free.


I recommended this company to two of my co-workers who used Alliance for moves into their new homes, and they also had great experiences with them as well. I will never use another moving company for as long as I live in the northwest suburbs!
Eric Franc
Professional, Respectful, Hard Working and BEST PRICE
Joni Haran
Marcos and his crew were professional, communicative and FAST. They moved a 3bed 2bed 1500 sq ft apartment and 4 flights of stairs in under 5 hours, a feat many wouldn't be able to do. Very good with fragile belongings too. Highly recommend and will definitely be requesting these guys for our next move down the line.
Nikolas Keenan

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to move antiques?

It’s hard to say without knowing specifics, as it depends on the item and the distance traveled. If it’s part of a bigger residential or commercial move, we’ll arrange for everything to be relocated at the same time.

Can I pack my antique items myself?

While you can pack your antique items yourself, we recommend hiring professional antique furniture movers because they have the experience and tools to make sure nothing is damaged or breaks. It’s easier to hire experienced professionals instead of taking on the risk yourself.

What is the cost of fine art movers in Chicago, IL?

Each artwork and antique has to be treated independently, depending on its dimensions and weight. If you quickly fill out our online form, we can provide you with a free quote estimate to help you budget your relocation.
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