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Chicago Piano Movers for Relocating Your Piano During Your Move

Don’t worry about moving your piano. With our expert team, we will handle this special instrument with care, transporting and relocating your piano during a move with ease to ensure it is in pristine shape and ready to play in your new space.
Alliance Moving & Storage Piano Movers Are the Ones You Can Trust

Alliance Moving & Storage Piano Movers Are the Ones You Can Trust

You might get nervous when you think about your piano move, but we don’t. As a professional piano moving company with over 20 years of experience in transporting all types of pianos, we are confident in the services we offer. We know the equipment used to transport your piano is just as important as the techniques, which is why we offer only the best materials and highest-quality service. 

Personable and accommodating, our competitive rates and professional service are guaranteed with every move. Alliance Moving & Storage is fully licensed and insured, and always arrives with the right equipment, crew and vehicles. That’s why we’re the first choice when it comes to hiring affordable piano movers.

Why Hiring Professional Piano Movers Should Be Your Best Decision

Pianos are one of the hardest instruments to move; they’re heavy, awkwardly shaped and sized, and often worth a small fortune. Not hiring professional movers for piano relocation means risking costly damage.

For instance, upright pianos with cast-iron backs are incredibly heavy and need an experienced moving team with the right equipment, while most grand pianos require disassembly to get them through the door.
A piano moving company will have specialized lifting equipment and knows the correct moving techniques to relocate these instruments through challenging spaces. As affordable piano movers, we know what we’re doing and will treat your piano with great care while handling it.
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Why Hiring Professional Piano Movers Should Be Your Best Decision
what we do

Our Professional Moving Services

At Alliance Moving & Storage, we aim to deliver unmatched moving services for our customers from the very first interaction. From giving you an initial quote to waving farewell at your new home or office, our Chicago movers have the highest standards of professionalism. As a dedicated professional moving company, we promise the same customer service excellence throughout the entire moving process.

Residential Piano Moves

As the best piano movers in Chicago, we arrange the safe removal and delivery of your valued instrument from one home to the next.

Commercial Piano Moves

Whether it's for a music college, school, or concert hall, our experienced crew will relocate your upright and grand pianos as quickly as possible to limit downtime.

Long Distance Piano Movers

We ensure a smooth, bump-free ride regardless of the distance traveled. With the right equipment and crew, we’ll get your piano where it needs to be, unscathed.

Piano Storage

Available short and long-term, our temperature-controlled storage units provide the perfect solution should you require secure interim storage space to keep your piano safe.

Moving Supplier

Explore our wide selection of top-grade moving supplies that are offered for sale, such as boxes, tape, padding, dollies, and more. With our comprehensive inventory of packing and moving materials, you can rest assured that your belongings will be properly protected, making your relocation a breeze.
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ready to move?

Schedule your estimate today and learn how we can help make your move efficient and worry-free.

Types of Pianos We Move

The smallest of upright pianos, spinets measure between 36” and 40 feet tall from the floor to the tops of the lid and weigh about 300 pounds.
The vertical strings of upright pianos makes them more compact and playable in limited space. These instruments usually measure around 48 inches tall (or more) and 58 inches wide.
Grand pianos are commonly used for concerts and recordings. They produce a superior tonal quality because their strings are set horizontally to the ground.
Designed to emulate an acoustic piano’s sound and feel, these electronic instruments are usually built in three arrangements; upright, in a cabinet, or on a keyboard stand.
A hybrid of a wind and keyboard instrument, organs produce sound as air vibrates in pipes. They’re typically located in churches, but smaller cabinet ones can be housed at home.
From harpsichords to celestas, antique pianos, and more, we have the technical expertise to move these big and beautiful instruments without worry.
How our storage works

Our Piano Moving Process


Moving Estimate

As affordable piano movers, we provide upfront and transparent pricing once we understand your piano’s sensitivity to being handled. Our estimate factors in the appropriate method of packing and handling, as well as the team needed for moving your piano.


Our assigned project manager will assess your current and future premises, as well as your piano, to plan an efficient move. Narrow and awkward spaces, like doors, passages, and stairs, influence whether your piano needs to be disassembled and reassembled. Through detailed planning, we assign the correct crew and methods.

Disassembly, Packing & Transportation

Our piano moving service crews use premium padding and materials to cushion instruments during travel. If need be, we will expertly disassemble your piano before strategically loading it into our van. We make sure to carefully label and pack each part, so nothing is lost along the way.

Unloading & Reassembly

Once we arrive at the new location, we carefully unload the piano and the rest of its parts to reassemble in the space in the way you’ve specified. We make sure there’s enough room through doorways and pathways to prevent inconvenience and damage.

Packing & Transportation

Piano transportation is a delicate process, and we have the experience to ensure it goes smoothly and safely. We take great care to transport your piano so there won’t be any damage. From packing to transportation, your piano is safe with us.
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Benefits of Choosing Alliance Moving & Storage

Embark on a moving journey where precision, care, and service combine to provide a seamless transition. We've outlined some compelling benefits that stand as a testament to our commitment:
Multiple Services Under One Roof
Licensed, Certified, and Insured
Our piano moving services come with free basic liability insurance for greater peace of mind.
Affordable Rates
Transparent Pricing
You always know what to expect and what you’re paying for with Alliance Moving & Storage.
Affordable Rates
Experienced Crew
Our expert crews are properly equipped to move pianos safely and securely with zero damage.
Professional Moving Crews
High-Quality Service
We take great care to provide a hassle-free moving experience that meets the highest standards.


Reached out for a piano move quote. Price was competitive and the team that came was great! There was a surprise staircase I wasn’t made aware of by the seller of the piano but they made it work and were so kind throughout. I will absolutely call them again for any future moves!
Tina McMahon
Alliance was very responsive and helpful during the move. Tiffany and Jaggy extremely accommodating. The movers themselves were extremely efficient and careful. Definitely recommend alliance and will be using them for all future moves!
Michaela Reinagel
Went with this company after reading reviews, so glad I did! Great experience with good move movers. Jeff made planning the move very easy and low stress.
Melih Bilen

People ask

How long does it take to move a piano? Do you offer same-day delivery?

Piano relocation won’t take our expert crew longer than a few hours within a working day. We strive to provide same-day delivery; however, this is dependent on the distance between the new and old locations.

Can you guarantee that my piano doesn’t get damaged during relocation?

Our professional piano movers ensure pianos are covered with the correct padding and stretch wrap during the move. They will disassemble legs, pedals, music stands and anything that may comprise the instrument's safety, before reassembling the piano on-site at its new home.

How much does it cost to move a piano in Chicago?

The cost of moving a piano is entirely dependent on the type of piano, the distance you’re moving it, and which floor it is placed on. Typically, it can cost about $300-500, but this is a rough estimate. For a more accurate price, request a quote from our team!

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Skilled Piano Movers Serving the Chicagoland Area

Trust the expertise of Alliance Moving & Storage for professional piano moving services across Chicagoland. Our experienced team properly disassembles, pads, loads, secures and reassembles your piano with care. Contact Chicago's top-rated piano movers today.
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