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Trampoline Movers in Chicago, IL

Are you looking for a trampoline moving service? We are here to help. Our professional trampoline movers will dismantle, transport, and reassemble your trampoline wherever you are in the Chicagoland area.
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Alliance Moving & Storage Is Your Trusted Chicago Trampoline Moving Company

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve forged a reputation as expert trampoline movers in Illinois. We safely move and transport all kinds of trampolines, whether it’s to a new location, a different space within an existing home, or to secure storage. Our trained and certified movers possess the knowledge and proficiency to move your trampoline wherever it needs to be.

Why You Should Hire Professional Trampoline Movers

Trampoline moving on your own may be cost-effective, but there’s a risk of it not going according to plan and taking much longer than expected. Disassembly and reassembly can be challenging, not to mention parts that may get lost during the process. 
Then there’s the aspect of transportation. If a trampoline is poorly packed, loaded, or secured, it can easily get damaged and become a safety hazard to you and others on the road. For cumbersome and awkward items, it’s always best to hire professional trampoline movers who have the proper equipment and experience to do the job, reducing risk and stress.
Why you should Disassembly and Reassembly your furniture

Our Trampoline Moving Services in Chicagoland, IL

Residential Long-Distance Movers

Trampoline Assembly & Disassembly

Our expert trampoline assembly service ensures the careful on-site dismantling and reassembling of your trampoline when it’s too big to move as is.
Commercial Long-Distance Movers

Trampoline Moving

Our comprehensive trampoline moving service will swiftly move your trampoline, whether it’s to another location or a different area within your present home.
Additional Long-Distance Services

Trampoline Storage

If you need an interim space to keep your trampoline or don’t have room at your new location, you can keep it safe at our trampoline storage facility.

What Type of Trampolines Do We Move?

Instead of springs, these trampolines use stretch bands and other materials, reducing the risk of injury.
These net-enclosed trampolines provide increased safety, making them a popular choice for young children.
A trampoline system with a bungee rope harness, allowing jumps over 20 feet high.
These are like standard trampolines, except they float and are designed for use in open water.
With crisscross spring patterns, these trampolines offer a better bounce than those with a round shape.
Whether octagonal, rectangle or any other type of shape or size, rest assured, our team can move your trampoline.
How our storage works

Our Chicago Area Trampoline Moving Process


Moving Estimate

As professional trampoline moving service providers, our quotes are transparent and have no hidden costs. Once we understand your moving requirements, we’ll provide a detailed estimate breakdown. Use our online quote estimate or give us a call to find out how much your trampoline move will be.


Our preliminary planning makes trampoline moving much easier. We’ll study the layout of your yard and house, from which you want to move the trampoline, including its new home. Our team pays particular attention to any built obstacles that may complicate the moving process, so we know how to work around them.

Disassembly, Packing & Transportation

We assign a project manager to liaise with you at every step of the process. All details are meticulously planned before the move. On your moving day, our team will carefully carry out your trampoline disassembly before strategically moving the parts into our van.

Unloading & Reassembly

Once our qualified driver arrives at your new space, our team will unload your disassembled trampoline and begin reassembling it in its new location in the way you’ve specified. We take great care to ensure it’s just the way you want it.

Why Do Our Clients Believe We Are the Best Chicago Trampoline Movers

Client satisfaction is our top priority; that’s why we’ve perfected moving trampolines of all shapes and sizes.
Transparent Pricing

Expert Handling

Because we understand how trampolines are made, we can disassemble and assemble them the right way.
Professional Crews

Attention to Detail

We safely store all loose parts so that trampolines can be reassembled without any missing items.
High-Quality Service

Preemptive Planning

With proper planning, there’s no trouble moving trampolines in and out of awkward spaces.
Fast Service

Qualified Team

We only use experienced team members, as some spring-based trampolines require extra finesse when moving.
Licensed, Certified, and Insured

Swift & Efficient

Our adept team disassembles and reassembles trampolines as fast as possible to eliminate downtime.
ready to move?

ready to move?

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Our Happy Clients’ Reviews

They were kind, timely, efficient, helpful and great guys. We had an awesome experience and would recommend to anyone looking to move!
Alyssa Fogerty
I recommend Aliance Moving, they are very efficient, prompt and reliable
Suma Manae
AWESOME! On time, on budget, caring, careful, good communication, helpful, no worries. Great Customer Service. Book your next move here!!
Jacki Trojan

FAQs About Trampoline Moving Services

How long does it take to move a trampoline?

Moving a trampoline shouldn’t take longer than a few hours. The exact time depends on the size of the trampoline and whether it’s spring-based, as each spring has to be removed manually. An expert moving team will undoubtedly get the job done faster than a single homeowner.

Can you move a trampoline without taking it apart?

This depends on the type of trampoline. A kids’ or mini trampoline can be lifted and moved as is. However, if it’s large and heavy, the trampoline will need to be disassembled and reassembled because getting it over a wall or through a fence or door may be impossible without damage.

How much does it cost to move a trampoline in Chicago, IL?

At Alliance Moving & Storage, we individually calculate the cost for every case. The relocation distance and the size of the trampoline influence the time, labor, and resources required. If you contact us with your requirements, we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.
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Based in Rolling Meadows, Alliance Moving and Storage strives to provide professional and dependable moving services in the Chicagoland area, including these nearby locations: Naperville, Barrington, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Northbrook, Vernon Hills.
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