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If you’re ready to make the move from the Windy City to D-Town, you might feel overwhelmed trying to sort out the logistics. Regardless if your relocation is big or small, our team at Alliance Moving & Storage is here to offer customizable and reliable interstate moving services. Moving from Chicago to Dallas is a breeze with our team on your side.
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We’ll Get You Moving from Chicago to Dallas as Easy as 1-2-3

We'll Get You Moving from Chicago to Dallas as Easily as 1-2-3

Moving from one state to another requires a significant amount of planning and organization. If you’re looking for movers from Chicago to Dallas, you’re in the right place. It’s important to work with a moving company that you can trust with your belongings and assist you with different aspects of the move.
At Alliance Moving & Storage, we’ve been performing customer-centric moves for over 20 years, always prioritizing customer service. We’re one of the top movers in North America and our team of professionals knows what it takes to carefully handle each part of your move. We can help you with packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking.
Even though relocating can be stressful, if you have the right team on your side, the process is seamless. Allow us to remove the stress so you can focus on enjoying your new home and city.
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Ready to Move from Chicago to Dallas?

Once you’ve settled on your relocation plans, it’s time to start the process of moving from Chicago to Dallas. Contact us for a free estimate.

What Are the Benefits of Moving from Chicago to Dallas?

You may have noticed that many people are deciding to move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Here are some of the advantages of moving from Chicago to Dallas.
Warmer Climate

Moderate Climate

Dallas, Texas is located in the southern part of the United States. This means that the long and cold winters often linked to Chicago are no longer something you need to stress about. Dallas has a moderate climate and year-round sun, allowing residents to enjoy warm summers and mild winters. In the spring, don’t forget to look for the beautiful wildflowers that thrive in the subtropical climate.

Career Opportunities

Exciting Career Opportunities

Another reason people are moving from Chicago to Dallas is in search of better job opportunities. The Dallas metro area has an abundance of offerings in many different industries, so regardless of your profession, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. Many companies are based in Dallas including Southwest Airlines and Bank of America. Finally, the unemployment rate in Dallas is below the U.S. average.

Great Education

Impressive Education

For parents who are embarking on this move, a concern is always where their kids will end up going to school. Schools in Dallas, Texas are top-notch, including both public and private schools. Whether you’re looking for a single-sex school that focuses on religious beliefs or you’re interested in the public universities in the area, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the most popular universities in the area include the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the Texas Christian University, and Southern Methodist University.

Entertainment and Sports

Sports & Entertainment

There’s always something to do in Dallas. If you’re an art lover, you’ll enjoy the numerous artistic events and museums happening throughout the city. If art isn’t your thing, there are plenty of alternatives such as vibrant nightlife. Plus, there are over 60 miles of running and biking trails in the Dallas area with almost 300 sports fields. Take advantage of over 60 swimming pools, countless playgrounds, and over 500 basketball, tennis courts, and volleyball courts in total. For baseball fans, catching a Texas Rangers game adds to the excitement. And, of course, the energy of a Dallas Cowboys football game is an experience not to be missed in this dynamic city.

Convenient Transportation

Easy Transportation

Let’s face it; commuting in Chicago, IL can be a nightmare. This aligns with Windy City’s ranking as number four in the country for the slowest commute rating according to Index Mundi. This source notes that the average Chicago commute time is 35 minutes. On the other hand, Dallas, TX comes in at number 35 on this same rating list with an average commute time of 27 minutes in the Dallas metro area.

Convenient Transportation


Let’s face it; commuting in Chicago, IL can be a nightmare. This aligns with Windy City’s ranking as number four in the country for the slowest commute rating according to Index Mundi. This source notes that the average Chicago commute time is 35 minutes. On the other hand, Dallas, TX comes in at number 35 on this same rating list with an average commute time of 27 minutes in the Dallas metro area.

What Is the Cost of Moving from Chicago to Dallas?

The cost of moving from Chicago to Dallas varies based on several factors. On average, Chicago movers charge around $100 per hour. Here are some rough estimates based on move size and historical data:

Home Sizes Studio or 1-Bedroom Move 2- to 3-Bedroom Move 4-Bedroom or Larger Move
Average Price $1,770 to $4,120 $2,950 to $6,700 $4,450 and $9,020

These prices can change depending on the actual size of your move, additional services required, truck parking access, market conditions, and availability. Other factors influencing moving costs include the time of year, with summer being more expensive due to peak moving season, and the choice between DIY and professional moving services. Remember, these are rough estimates, and the actual cost might vary. For a more precise quote, it's best to contact our full-service Chicago interstate moving company.

How our storage works

Our Interstate Moving Process


Get a Free Estimate

As soon as you know what items you’ll be bringing with you from Chicago to Dallas, our team will put together a transparent quote that outlines our upfront pricing.

Determine a Plan

Next, you’ll work with your assigned project manager to walk you through the planning process. We’ll establish a moving date and discuss logistics before answering any of your questions.

Pick Up Items

On the day of your move, we will arrive on time to label and pick up your boxes. If you need help packing, we’ll carefully wrap your belongings and take apart any furniture before loading it onto the truck.

Haul Your Items

One of our qualified and trustworthy drivers will bring your items from Chicago to Dallas to either your home or commercial office.


Upon arrival, our team will unload your boxes and, if needed, place everything where it needs to go.
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Benefits of Choosing Alliance Moving & Storage

Embark on a moving journey where precision, care, and service combine to provide a seamless transition. We've outlined some compelling benefits that stand as a testament to our commitment:
Multiple Services Under One Roof
Expert Handling
We understand how to take apart and navigate furniture to keep it in excellent condition throughout your move.
Affordable Rates
Experienced Team
All of our movers are extremely qualified and respectful throughout each step of the process.
Affordable Rates
Limited Downtime
As we prepare all aspects of your move beforehand, there’s no wasted time throughout the Chicago to Dallas moving process.
Professional Moving Crews
Detailed Planning
If you need to move in and out of tight or awkward spaces, that’s no problem for our team. We adequately plan before moving.

Our clients’ reviews

We moved from Illinois to south Texas. Both moving crews were friendly and professional. They wrapped and packed up our items to ensure they would be safe during the move. They accommodated our minor requests during the move. When they arrived in Texas again very professional and took care to make sure our things were where we wanted them in our new place. If you are looking for a great company look no further I highly recommend them.
Sheri Nielsen
Alliance moving and storage (based in Rolling Meadows) is amazing. Three guys loaded our stuff from a 1-bedroom + den apartment in 1 hr 20 min! They unloaded our stuff in about an hour and put our furniture/boxes exactly where we wanted them. The movers were so quick, professional and communicative. I called a lot of moving companies and alliance gave the best price. No hidden costs in the estimate.
Nicole Kochman
The guys that did our move were fantastic. They showed up on time and presented us with an estimate of time and cost for our move. They were efficient and took great care with our items. They managed to wrap even the oddest pieces of furniture. All our items arrived to our new place in perfect condition. They took care to move items in without damaging the walls. They finished on time and picked up after themselves. Overall, great experience and I would highly recommend.
Victoria Hionis


How long does it take to move from Chicago to Dallas?

Even though the trip from Chicago to Dallas can be completed in one day, our team at Alliance Moving & Storage offers two-day delivery to make sure that our drivers and your items arrive safely while reducing risk. Rest assured that we do everything possible to safely transport your items while factoring in the safety of our team.

Do I need a moving permit when relocating to Texas?

No, Texas does not require moving permits for relocating into the state. However, we encourage you to check local parking restrictions in your specific area before your move to ensure a smooth transition.

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With over 20 years in the business, our family-operated company is dedicated to smoothing out your long-distance move from Chicago to Dallas. Choose Alliance Moving & Storage for your moving needs and experience the ease that comes with hiring movers from one of the most reliable Chicago to Dallas moving companies.
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