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Movers from Chicago to Los Angeles

If you’re planning on moving to LA from Chicago, you’re likely realizing how expensive it can be. On top of finding an affordable moving company, you also want to find one that’s trustworthy and efficient. Look no further! Our team at Alliance Moving & Storage is proud to offer affordable relocation services to help you minimize stress, even if you’re moving across the country.
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We Are Chicago to LA Movers You Can Trust

We’re Chicago to LA Movers You Can Trust

Moving to Los Angeles from Chicago is an incredibly exciting adventure although the moving process itself can be challenging to say the least. Along the way, you want to ensure that your belongings arrive safely at your new home while minimizing stress. It’s important to find long-distance movers who are both experienced and reputable. With over 20 years of professional moving experience, this is where our friendly and professional team at Alliance Moving & Storage comes into play.
Throughout our experience, we’ve served hundreds of parties, both residential and commercial, with their local and out-of-state moves. Each move has allowed us to master the art of packing, transporting, and unloading goods for our customers in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you need an extra hand with a few heavy furniture items or you need complete relocation services, we’re here to help!

What Are the Advantages of Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles?

Now that you’re set on moving from Chicago to LA, there’s no doubt that you’ll instantly love the City of Flowers and Sunshine. Here are some pros of your upcoming move.
Warmer Climate

Warmer Weather

There’s no denying the beautiful weather that Los Angeles, CA has to offer. It’s a stunning city that’s located on the Pacific coast with a dry, subtropical climate that offers dry summers and mild, rainy winters. If you’re not a fan of Chicago’s brutal winters, you’ll love replacing your parka and snow boots with a pair of sandals and a tank top. Sunny Los Angeles also offers rich vegetation compared with Chicago, and it’s full of palm trees and subtropical flowers.

Career Opportunities

Melting Pot of Cultures

When you move to Los Angeles, you’ll notice how much it embodies a melting pot of diversity. Did you know that LA has residents from over 140 different countries and almost 100 different languages? Regardless of where you end up in LA, you’ll meet people from all walks of life and socioeconomic classes. From a diverse food scene to exploring different aspects of art and culture, you’ll be part of a unique culture where you can learn and grow from those around you.

Career Opportunities

Demographic Overview

Los Angeles, similar to Chicago, is a bustling metropolis with a vast area of 500 square miles for its nearly 4 million residents. The wider metropolitan region houses over 16 million people. Renowned for its cultural diversity, Los Angeles boasts a mosaic of ethnicities, with unique neighborhoods like Koreatown and Chinatown that celebrate various cultures. The city's demographic primarily comprises individuals aged 18 to 44, contributing to its youthful and vibrant atmosphere.

Great Education

Impressive Education

The U.S. has many incredible schools, and two of the most popular universities are located in LA including the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC). If those schools aren’t for you, know that the greater Los Angeles area has 30 different colleges from which you can choose. In addition to college education, you can find education on topics such as the film industry as there are many schools focused on preparing young talent for careers in film and TV such as the American Film Institute (AFI).

Entertainment and Sports

Entertainment Capital

Hollywood and Los Angeles go hand-in-hand, so it’s not surprising that LA has earned its title of the capital of the entertainment industry. While the film scene is booming, don’t overlook the incredible music scene that LA has to offer as well. There are countless music fests that you can enjoy in addition to music shows. Take advantage of the bustling nightlife that’s packed with impressive clubs, bars, restaurants, and concert halls. If Disneyland is more your scene, it isn’t a far drive from Los Angeles.

Convenient Transportation

Easy Public Transportation

Even though Los Angeles is notorious for its extensive traffic, the city also offers incredibly efficient public transportation options consisting of subways, buses, shuttles, and light railways. If you don’t have a car, you can still get around the city, especially since LA has made significant improvements to its public transportation system, coming in at #9 on the list of cities for the best public transit. On top of that, Los Angeles is ranked as one of the most walkable cities in the country.

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Ready to Move from Chicago to Los Angeles Hassle-Free?

If you’re ready to move forward with moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, our team is here for you! Simply give us a call or request a free moving quote by filling out our simple online form.

What Is the Cost of Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles?

Long-distance moving from Chicago to the west coast city of Los Angeles can vary in cost. The cost depends on factors like move size, time of year, and chosen services. Here are some average price ranges that you can expect:

Home Sizes Studio or 1-Bedroom Move 2- to 3-Bedroom Move 4-Bedroom or Larger Move
Average Price $1,500 to $3,750 $2,200 to $6,350 $5,420 and $9,150

These are estimates and the actual cost may vary. For an accurate free moving quote, it's best to contact us at Alliance Moving & Storage directly. Additional services like packing, can significantly affect the final moving costs.

How our storage works

Our Interstate Moving Process


Get a Free Estimate

As soon as you’ve decided what items will be coming with you from Chicago to Los Angeles, let our team know! We base our transparent quotes on detailed information from our customers.

Develop a Plan

From there, you’ll get an assigned project manager to oversee the process, determine a moving date, discuss logistics, and help answer any questions that you have.

Moving Day

When moving day arrives, we’ll label your boxes and pick them up for you. If you need help with packing, we can carefully wrap your items and take apart any furniture before loading the truck.


Our Chicago to Los Angeles movers are experienced at safely transporting your items to your final destination, whether it’s a home or an office building.


At your destination, we will unload your boxes carefully and place your items where they need to go.
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Benefits of Choosing Alliance Moving & Storage

Embark on a moving journey where precision, care, and service combine to provide a seamless transition. We've outlined some compelling benefits that stand as a testament to our commitment:
Multiple Services Under One Roof
Professional Staff
Our team of interstate movers has years of experience in this industry, and we always go above and beyond to put our customers first.
Affordable Rates
Robust Services
In addition to moving, we can help with packing, storage, transportation, and more. Our services are your one-stop shop.
Affordable Rates
Affordable Prices
We know how important it is to stick to a tight budget. We always offer competitive prices with no hidden fees.
Professional Moving Crews
Updated Trucks and Equipment
Thanks to our modern and clean moving vans and our high-tech equipment, we can guarantee that your items arrive safely at your destination.

Our clients’ reviews

Alliance picked up and understood the assignment of a downtown move. We were booked for next day with 3 helpers and a truck. They arrived on time, loaded my one bedroom apartment stuff in 30 minutes, moved in another 60 minutes in downtown. We were done in 2 hours. Very reliable and reasonably priced.
Vishnu Pillai
We had a great experience with Alliance Moving. The team was strong and quick and very hardworking. Typically, moving is not an enjoyable experience, and it is tons of work. Alliance Moving made the experience as smooth as possible.
Sabrina M. Moran
The team was on time polite, hardworking and helpful. Best of all the price was the same as the estimate. We had a great experience and would not hesitate to use them again!
Todd Jobes


How long does it take to relocate from Chicago to LA?

While the move from Chicago to Los Angeles can be completed in as little as one day, we offer two-day delivery to factor in the safety of our drivers and your items. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to complete your move as efficiently as possible while factoring in safety along the way.

How does the crime rate in Los Angeles compare to that of Chicago?

Generally, Los Angeles has a lower crime rate compared to Chicago. This shows that, on average, neighborhoods in Los Angeles tend to be safer than those in Chicago.

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Start Your Chicago to LA Move with Alliance Moving & Storage

Our family-run business, backed by more than two decades of experience, is dedicated to making your cross-country move simple. As a trusted long-distance moving company, Alliance Moving & Storage focuses on safely transporting your belongings. Experience the ease and security of hiring movers who are committed to making your Chicago to Los Angeles journey as smooth as possible.
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