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Moving From Chicago to Miami

Make your Chicago to Miami move a breeze with Alliance Moving & Storage's professional movers. Sit back and enjoy Miami's sunny beaches and diverse culture while we handle the logistics. Your journey from Chicago to the Magic City begins with us!
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We’ll Get You Moving from Chicago to Dallas as Easy as 1-2-3

Your Reliable Chicago to Miami Moving Company

With years of experience in the moving industry, Alliance Moving & Storage stands out among moving companies, making us the ideal choice for your upcoming move from Chicago to Miami. Our team of expert movers is dedicated to providing top-notch services, ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.
We know that moving isn’t an investment you take lightly. When searching for the perfect company, you can trust us to handle your belongings with care and precision. Choose Alliance Moving & Storage for your Chicago to Miami move, and rest assured that your move is in capable and dedicated hands.

Full-Service Moving Solutions from Chicago to Miami

For your move from Chicago to Miami, know that Alliance Moving & Storage offers a diverse range of additional services to cater to your unique needs. We understand that relocating can be a complex task, whether it's for your residence or business. That's why we go beyond standard moving services to provide tailored solutions that make your transition as seamless as possible.

What Benefits Can Be Gained by Moving to Miami from Chicago?

As experienced Chicago to Miami movers, we understand the nuances and excitement that come with such a significant relocation. To help you prepare and make the most of this transition, we've outlined some key differences and benefits you'll experience when moving.
Warmer Climate

Warmer Climate

The most noticeable difference when moving from Chicago to Miami is the climate. Florida is truly a sunshine state. Miami enjoys a subtropical climate with warm temperatures year-round, in stark contrast to Chicago's cold winters and hot, humid summers. The consistently warm weather in Miami is a significant draw for those accustomed to more varied seasonal weather.

Career Opportunities

Cultural Diversity

Miami's cultural landscape is distinctly different from Chicago's. With a large Hispanic community, Miami boasts a vibrant mix of Latin influences, particularly in its cuisine and architecture. In contrast, Chicago's diverse population reflects a broader mix of ethnicities and cultures. Miami's Art Deco architecture and Latin-flavored cuisine offer a unique living experience compared to Chicago's iconic skyscrapers and Midwestern-style dishes.

Great Education

Cost of Living and Taxes

Miami generally offers a more affordable cost of living compared to Chicago, especially regarding housing. Additionally, Florida doesn’t impose a state income tax, which can lead to substantial savings for residents, a notable advantage over Illinois' tax structure.

Entertainment and Sports

Traffic and Transportation

While Chicago is known for its congested traffic and reliance on public transportation, Miami's traffic is less dense, and the roads are more spread out. This can make commuting and getting around the city a bit easier compared to the traffic challenges in Chicago.

Convenient Transportation

Outdoor Lifestyle

The availability of outdoor activities is a major draw for those moving from Chicago to Miami. Surrounded by water, Miami offers numerous beaches and opportunities for water-based activities, such as swimming, boating, and fishing. The city's location also provides easy access to unique natural areas like the Everglades National Park, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Convenient Transportation

Sports Scene

Miami is a great sports town that focuses on different local teams and sports cultures. While Chicago is renowned for its baseball and football heritage, Miami shines with its basketball and football teams, offering a different sports atmosphere for enthusiasts.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Chicago to Miami

When planning a move from Chicago to Miami, the cost can vary widely, typically ranging from $1,200 to $6,462. This variance is due to factors such as the volume of your belongings, your moving date, and whether you choose a professional moving service or a do-it-yourself option.

Home Sizes Studio or 1-Bedroom Move 2- to 3-Bedroom Move 4-Bedroom or Larger Move
Average Price $1,200 to $4,600 $2,700 - $6,300 $4,850 - $8,800

Chicago movers may have different pricing models, including hourly rates which average around $100 per hour. To obtain an accurate and free moving quote tailored to your specific needs, it's best to contact us directly at Alliance Moving & Storage.

How our storage works

Our Long-Distance Process


Request a Free Estimate

Once you've decided which belongings will accompany you from Chicago to Miami, let our team know! We provide clear and transparent estimates based on the comprehensive details you share with us.

Plan Your Move

After that, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to handle your move. They’ll help set a moving date, coordinate logistics, and answer any questions you might have along the way.

Moving Day Preparations

On the day of the move, our team will efficiently label and collect your boxes. If you need help with packing, we offer services to securely wrap your belongings and dismantle any furniture for transport.


Our skilled movers, already familiar with the Chicago to Miami route, will ensure safe and secure transportation of your items, whether it’s to a new home or office.

Unloading and Setup

Upon arrival in Miami, we'll carefully unload and position your items as per your instructions, ensuring a smooth transition to your new location.
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Benefits of Choosing Alliance Moving & Storage

Embark on a moving journey where precision, care, and service combine to provide a seamless transition. We've outlined some compelling benefits that stand as a testament to our commitment:
Multiple Services Under One Roof
Expert Team
Our crew of long-distance movers boasts extensive experience in the moving industry, consistently prioritizing our customers' needs and ensuring a smooth move.
Affordable Rates
Competitive Pricing
Our team understands the importance of budgeting. Rest assured that we offer affordable and transparent pricing without any hidden charges for your move from Chicago to Miami.
Affordable Rates
State-of-the-Art Fleet and Equipment
Utilizing modern, well-maintained moving vans and advanced equipment, we ensure the safe and secure delivery of your belongings to your new Miami home.
Professional Moving Crews
Fully Licensed and Insured
Our moving services include basic liability insurance for peace of mind, with options for additional insurance coverage available upon request to meet your needs.

Our clients’ reviews

We moved from Illinois to south Texas. Both moving crews were friendly and professional. They wrapped and packed up our items to ensure they would be safe during the move. They accommodated our minor requests during the move. When they arrived in Texas again very professional and took care to make sure our things were where we wanted them in our new place. If you are looking for a great company look no further I highly recommend them.
Sheri Nielsen
Alliance moving and storage (based in Rolling Meadows) is amazing. Three guys loaded our stuff from a 1-bedroom + den apartment in 1 hr 20 min! They unloaded our stuff in about an hour and put our furniture/boxes exactly where we wanted them. The movers were so quick, professional and communicative. I called a lot of moving companies and alliance gave the best price. No hidden costs in the estimate.
Nicole Kochman
The guys that did our move were fantastic. They showed up on time and presented us with an estimate of time and cost for our move. They were efficient and took great care with our items. They managed to wrap even the oddest pieces of furniture. All our items arrived to our new place in perfect condition. They took care to move items in without damaging the walls. They finished on time and picked up after themselves. Overall, great experience and I would highly recommend.
Victoria Hionis


What is the population difference between Miami and Chicago?

Miami is less densely populated than Chicago. For someone moving from Chicago, this can mean experiencing a slightly less crowded urban environment in Miami, potentially leading to a different lifestyle and community dynamics.

How far is it from Chicago to Miami?

The distance between the cities is approximately 1,380 miles. This significant distance means that moving logistics require careful planning and coordination, especially for a long-distance move. Professional movers from Chicago to Miami can provide the necessary expertise and resources to ensure a safe and efficient transport of your belongings across this extensive journey.

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Expert Long-Distance Moving Services for Your Move to Miami from Chicago

Embark on your journey from the bustling streets of Chicago to the vibrant cityscape of Miami with ease. At Alliance Moving & Storage, we take extra care with your fragile items and treat each piece with the attention it deserves. It’s our mission to provide affordable and fast-moving moving services for families and businesses like yours.
Whether you're moving to a sun-kissed beachfront condo or a lively downtown Miami apartment, let us take the burden off your shoulders. Contact us today for a seamless move to one of America's most dynamic and diverse cities.
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