Packing Up

Boxes and Materials

Before your household, office, or business can be packed and moved, you’ll need the right supplies. You don’t want to be stuck running out of packing tape, not having the right box size, misplacing your last marker to label the moving boxes, or having your bubble wrap turn into a fun toy for your dog. Alliance Moving & Storage has everything you need to successfully pack your belongings from start to finish. From moving boxes and packing tape to carpet shields and moving blankets, we can help you prepare your items for packing and shipping with high-grade moving supplies. We know the right materials can prevent damaged goods during the moving process, which is why we offer a large inventory of packing goods for a low price.

Though Alliance Moving & Storage offers packing and unpacking services, we want to make sure you have the right materials if you are packing yourself, too. We recommend using moving boxes that are in good condition, taped generously, and not overloaded with heavy items. For reference, small boxes (1.5 ft3) are great for heavy items such as books, medium boxes (3.0 ft3) are best for clothing or pots and pans, large boxes (4.5 ft3) are good for bulkier items such as linens, and extra-large boxes (6.0 ft3) are perfect for pillows, cushions, or large toys. In addition to a variety of box sizes, you might also need few different box types, so don’t wait until the last minute to figure out what kind of boxes you will need. We offer moving boxes specifically for dishes, lamps, paintings or mirrors, HDTVs so that your items will be protected properly depending on the need. As you prepare for your move, we recommend browsing our inventory to see how Alliance Moving & Storage can supply your packing needs.