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Offsite Documents & Records Storage in Chicago, IL

Looking for affordable offsite document storage in Chicago? You can put your trust in Alliance Moving & Storage for world-class safety, security, and seamless document management.
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We Are Your Trusted Offsite Records Storage Facility Provider

We Are Your Trusted Offsite Records Storage Facility Provider

We know how vital and valuable documents are; that’s why we entrust qualified and reliable specialists to handle our client's important paperwork. Likewise, we’ll keep your documents in a controlled and secure location, far from damage and harm. For over 20 years, our secure file storage facilities and vigilant personnel have kept our client’s documents in excellent condition. Whether you’re looking for secure offsite records storage or a space to store personal documents, we have the solution to fit your needs.

What Is Document Storage?

Offsite storage refers to storing any documents or data in a facility that is physically separate from your home or organization. Document storage companies provide the cost-effective and vital service of records storage and archival management. People feel more comfortable when important documents are within immediate reach but often don’t have adequate protection against disaster and security breaches. Private document storage provides a safe space to keep your confidential paperwork.
What Is Document Storage?

Types of Documents We Store in Chicago, IL

Our legal document storage in Chicago keeps contracts, wills, deeds, trusts, power of attorney, and any important documents affecting legal rights that you don’t need to keep on hand safe.
Confidential business records like tax returns and aging reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash-flow statements, and statements of changes in equity or stockholders’ equity.
Medical power of attorney, HIPAA authorizations, insurance policy information, letters of instruction, medical records, and any other healthcare documents that aren’t used on a regular basis.
Our offsite record storage facilities can house research reports, publications, law reports, statutes, government gazettes, congressional records, fact sheets, pamphlets, maps, constitutional papers, and more.
From confidentiality agreements to employment contracts, memorandums of understanding, non-compete agreements, and compliance and regulatory documents, we can store all your business documents for safekeeping.

Why You Need Secure Offsite Document Storage in Chicago, IL

Preventing your essential documents from getting lost or ending up in the wrong hands are just some benefits of offsite data storage.
Better Security

Better Security

Having a contained location with rigorous access controls protected by 24/7 camera surveillance systems ensures only authorized personnel has access to confidential documents.
Increased Space

Increased Space

Offsite document storage clears valuable and underutilized floor space, giving you increased room to work and live without the clutter of cumbersome storage cabinets.
Environmental Damage Protection

Environmental Damage Protection

Keep your documents safe from accidental damage. Our storage facilities have fireproofing, humidity, and temperature control, as well as flood controls for maximum protection.


With offsite document storage solutions, you pay for the exact amount of space you need and can adjust the level of service when required.
How our storage works

How Our Documents & Records Storage Works


Decide Your Budget and Research Your Options

The volume of documents, duration of storage, and climate-controlled file storage facilities affect cost. Once we know your requirements, we’ll supply you with an estimate. If you approve the quote, we’ll arrange a day for you to drop off your documents. We also provide comprehensive moving services and can help packing and transporting your documents.

Moving Day

Depending on your moving requirements, we’ll either help you pack and transport your documents, just pick them up or wait for you to drop them off at our private document storage facilities on your assigned moving day.

The Do and Don'ts of Private Document Storage

Store your documents in a hanging file system for optimal preservation and management proficiency. Each category of papers should be kept separate in an upright filing box. Be sure to use high-quality boxes. If you don’t have, you can always buy premium storage supplies from us.
Looking for document storage space?

Looking for document storage space?

Schedule a complimentary estimate to choose the best storage solution!
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why us

Benefits of Choosing Alliance Moving & Storage

Embark on a moving journey where precision, care, and service combine to provide a seamless transition. We've outlined some compelling benefits that stand as a testament to our commitment:
Multiple Services Under One Roof
We offer affordable storage solutions with flexible leases, so you only pay for what you need and don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts to keep your documents safe.
Affordable Rates
We have 24/7 video surveillance to monitor storage facilities located in well-lit areas for you to access any time during business hours.
Affordable Rates
Private Storage
Your valuable and confidential documents are more secure when stored in their own space, reducing the risk of getting lost or muddle’s with someone else’s.
Professional Moving Crews
Climate Controlled
Our climate-controlled private document storage provides preservation of sensitive and valuable materials like archival documents, books, photography, and business-critical documents.

Our happy clients’ reviews

Great moving and storage company. They were super nice and very fast. Handled all of my belongings with care and were so helpful. They really made my move easy and stress free.
Olivia Stoll
The crew showed up on time and worked without stopping or taking breaks. They took extremely good care in their transport and wrapping /boxing of delicate items. They were so much better than the movers we had from Boerman’s the last time we moved. I can’t give a high enough recommendation for Alliance Moving & Storage.
Jeremy Rybicki
Vincent and his team arrived on time, were very professional, hard-working and polite. My husband and I were very impressed with their knowledge, speed and care they took to wrap our furniture and belongings so they wouldn't become damaged in the move. We highly recommend Alliance Moving & Storage.
Bonnie Ure

people ask

What is the cost of offsite document storage in Chicago, IL?

There’s no set cost of offsite document storage. It depends on the volume of documents, the type of media, and if they require a temperature-controlled environment. Our document service specialists will ensure you get the storage solution that best suits your needs.

How long do you store documents and records?

We can store your documents as long as you need it in the proper storage conditions. After submitting a quote form or giving us a call, our document service specialist will discuss all details with you.

Do you store confidential documents?

We store any type of documents as long as you are ready to let us take care of them. We provide secure and safe storage solutions that might suit your needs but usually, all confidential documents should be stored in locked file cabinets accessible only to the authorized staff members which is not the option we can offer.

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