No matter if you’re moving down the street or across the country, the process is stressful. Moving your furniture from one location to another is one of the most difficult parts of the process. If you’re hiring professional movers, you’re likely wondering if they take care of furniture assembly and reassembly or if this is something you’ll have to do yourself.

Generally, movers are happy to take care of this process for you! Keep in mind that the majority of the furniture items in your home or condo will not require disassembly. However, pieces such as your bed frame or couch may need to come apart before you move.


By taking apart your furniture items before moving, you significantly reduce the risk of those items becoming damaged in the moving process. Tight corners, narrow hallways, and multiple door frames could cause damage to your expensive or sentimental furniture items. It’s best to take the furniture apart beforehand and transfer it in pieces rather than as a singular piece.

What Types of Furniture Are Usually Get Disassembled?

Furniture assembly and reassembly are most relevant to bigger pieces of furniture such as your bed, desk, cabinet, wall unit, or even your exercise equipment. By taking apart the furniture beforehand, it is significantly easier for the movers to transport the items from your home and onto the moving truck. It also helps to save space on the truck.

Here are common items that need to be taken apart for a move:

  • Beds: Bed frames take up a lot of space and are made from interlocking pieces. These pieces can be difficult to move up and down the stairs. By separating the box spring and the mattress from the frame, the process becomes much easier.
  • Dressers: Dressers and vanities can typically be moved intact unless there is a mirror that is attached. In these scenarios, make sure to remove the mirror and pack it separately to avoid damage.
  • Tables: Large dining room tables can typically be transported without being taken apart. If possible, however, you can remove the legs to avoid the potential of causing damage.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets and bookshelves can usually be moved intact. If there are pieces that are attached, make sure to remove them beforehand.
  • Build-it-yourself items: You may have items that you put together yourself. Know that the long-distance move will likely impact the joints and screws; make sure that you tighten them beforehand.
  • Sofas: Factor in the size of the sofa and the size of the doors and hallways. By taking apart the sofa beforehand, you can avoid damaging or even ruining your expensive piece of furniture.

Disassembling furniture beforehand can reduce the size of the moving truck that you need and make the overall moving cost cheaper. If you’re worried about having enough space, it could be your best option.

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Determining the Need in Disassembling

There are other situations in which furniture disassembly simply makes sense. There are some items that can be cumbersome to move unless they are broken down into multiple parts:

  • If the furniture is too bulky to fit through the doors of your house or apartment, it will need to be taken apart beforehand. In some instances, the size of the hallways will play a significant role in whether disassembly is required.
  • Safety should always factor in as well. If it is too dangerous to move large furniture items or if there are awkward or short staircases that pose a safety risk, always take apart the furniture beforehand.
  • The fragility of the item will also factor in. Some furniture has pieces of glass panels or delicate ornamentations that make it tricky to move in one piece. To reduce the risk of damage during reconstruction, it is often better to take apart the furniture before the move.

Should You Disassemble the Furniture Yourself, or Get Movers to Do it?

Many people opt to take apart their furniture before the movers arrive in order to save money. If you opt for this route, make sure that you have the right tools on hand and that you’ve reached out to a friend or family member for an extra set of hands.

Keep in mind, however, that this process can be long and tedious. Make sure to keep track of which screws and hardware go with what piece of furniture so you can assemble it on the other side of the move. By taking apart the furniture on your own, you also run the risk of damaging the item in the process.

Hiring professionals to take apart your furniture is always a great idea. Professional movers already have the right equipment and enterprise to make the job that much easier. They have disassembly tools, high-quality packing supplies, advanced moving equipment, protective materials, etc. Professionals will quickly take the furniture apart and safely pack it for the move. They will also make sure that the items arrive in your new place unscathed, giving you invaluable peace of mind.

Before deciding which route you want to take, make sure you evaluate your current furniture to determine if it is worth the stress and money to move it from your current home to your new home. Sometimes, it is easier to start fresh.

Will Movers Reassemble the Furniture?

Most professional moving companies will assemble your furniture after unloading it from the truck and getting it inside of your space. However, never assume that this is the case with your movers. It is always best to have an open line of communication with your movers, however, to make sure that you are on the same page. There are different types of moves; some are full-service, some are for packing, and some are just for transport. Always discuss your options with your moving company to ensure smooth execution.

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In most cases, movers will not detach and reassemble large appliances such as dryers, washers, stoves, or refrigerators between moving locations. This is usually due to the fact that they don’t want to take on the liability in the case that a pipe breaks results in water or a gas leak. In some situations, movers are willing to hook up these appliances. It’s important to coordinate with your moving company on specific details so they know what is expected of them on the day of the move.

You can always hire a plumber or a handyman to help you with this task. If you’re willing to educate yourself on YouTube or another platform, it’s possible for you to execute this task yourself.  


In many cases, movers provide additional services that you can combine with other services. Here are some examples to keep in mind. 

Will Movers Provide Packing Supplies?

Yes, many movers offer packing supplies in addition to packing services. Rather than going to your local home improvement store to get supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape, you can ask your moving company if they offer these items for purchase. 

Will Movers Hook Your TV Up?

In the case that you’re paying a moving company by the hour, the majority of them will be happy to assist you with tasks such as hooking up your TV or other electronics. Be mindful that if the task involves any level of liability, they might not want to provide these services. Any additional hourly costs will be added to your final bill. 

Will Mover Company Provide Cleaning Service?

Depending on the moving company that you hire, some even provide cleaning services. This can give you peace of mind if you were stressed about wiping down your place before turning in the keys. Hiring a professional cleaning crew is another option to make sure that you get your security deposit back. 

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