Whether you’ve moved many times in your life or you’re gearing up for your first major move in recent history, there will undoubtedly be stress surrounding the process. This stress intensifies in scenarios such as your original moving company bailing on you at the last minute. Or maybe your life situations have changed and you need to move out as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there are urgent moving services that can come to your rescue. Last-minute movers are able to step up when you need them the most, offering you peace of mind that you don’t have to endure this overwhelming process alone.

2 Main Reasons for a Same-Day Move

When you think of a move, you likely associate a normal timeline with your approach. Typically, moving from a house or an apartment is planned and booked far in advance of the move-out date as it gives both you and the moving company plenty of time to prepare ahead of time. As a bare minimum, it’s ideal to book professional movers at least 4 weeks in advance of your moving day, but this isn’t always the case.

Some life situations can force you to take on an incredibly stressful last-minute move, forcing you to find local moving help at the drop of a hat. Depending on the situation, you could have as long as a week to prepare for your move. In other cases, although rare, you could find yourself needing movers with a day or two of notice. If you need to find movers this fast, it is typically referred to as emergency moving. 

Taking this extreme timeline one step further, you could even find yourself needing to hire movers on the same day! Regardless of your unique situation, it’s important to find a reputable and hardworking moving company to assist you with this process. 

Your Movers Didn’t Show Up

One of the most common reasons that you might need quick moving help is that your original movers that you hired failed to follow through with their obligation. Even if you booked them months or weeks in advance, there’s still never a guarantee that they follow through. This could be due to a scheduling error from the mover or simply a misunderstanding between you and the moving company. If this happens to you, make sure to check the moving contract!

Some moving companies are incredibly dishonest and solely want your money without any intention to move you in the first place. Many times, you’re unable to get your deposit back from them. 

It’s an Emergency Move

Another reason you might need to find movers quickly is that you need to leave your place in a hurry. This is usually due to a last-minute change of plans or unforeseen event that requires you to move quickly. Maybe you just accepted a job in a new location and your new boss expects that you’ll be in the office quickly. Or maybe your landlord has raised the rent and you’ve decided that it’s time to find a new living situation. 

Regardless of the reason, you could find yourself needing last-minute movers to help you pack your boxes, load the truck, and get situated in your new space. 

How to Pack for an Urgent Same-Day Move

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Last-minute or same-day moves are rarely planned due to a change in circumstances. This means that the same preparation that you’ve taken for previous moves won’t be an option in this scenario. If you find yourself facing a last-minute move where you’re scrambling to get your belongings packed and moved out of your space, you’ll likely feel a lot of pressure. If possible, reach out to a local moving company as soon as possible to see if they can assist you. Once you’ve secured the new moving company, you’ll want to start packing your belongings as best as you can until the movers arrive. 

Pack Essentials Only

The lack of time that comes with last-minute moves means you don’t have the luxury of packing things in a more organized way. Make it a priority to only pack your essential needs such as medications, small electronic devices, basic toiletries, any must-haves for your pets or children, etc. 

Decide What Items Won’t be Moved

Next, you’ll want to prioritize going through your items (including furniture) to determine what you will be taking with you and what you’ll leave behind. Although it can be stressful to make decisions in such a tight timeframe, this is an excellent opportunity to purge items that you no longer need or want. 

Don’t Sort Your Items for the Move

The organization is a luxury that’s associated with planned moves. Although it can be tempting to go through your items and sort them accordingly, you likely won’t have time for this. In this situation, the speed of packing should take priority over the organization. Even if you can’t separate things into categories, as long as you’re able to get things packed, that’s all that matters.

Pack Quickly, but Carefully

This isn’t the time to carefully fold and pack each item of clothing or sort through all of your old books. Speed is of the essence which means you’ll need to pack both quickly and intelligently. Use garbage bags to place over the hanging clothes that you have and use towels and blankets to protect any fragile items. 

How to Find a Reliable Same-Day Moving Company

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As soon as you know your relocation plans, you’ll want to find a way to transport your belongings between locations. It might not be possible to rent a moving truck on such short notice, especially in a crowded city such as Chicago. This is where hiring a professional moving company comes into play. At this point, you’re likely wondering how to find a local mover that offers same-day moving services and is trustworthy to execute the move. 

There are many same-day moving companies such as Alliance Moving & Storage who can assist you! This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be safely transported between locations. From loading your boxes onto the moving truck to driving from point A to point B, your things will be cared for properly. 

A professional mover will also assist you with unloading your items to accommodate your limited timeframe. However, make sure to be careful with the company that you hire for such an important task. The last thing you want is to maximize your stress levels by hiring an unreliable moving company that will damage or lose your items.

Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

1. Look online for emergency movers who will be available exactly when you need them. While there are plenty of moving companies in Chicago, not all of them are equipped to handle a same-day move. Plus, even if a company offers these services, there’s a good chance that they’re booked weeks or months in advance. It’s all dependent on the moving crew’s availability. You’ll want to fill out an online quote form so you can determine what movers will be available and which are already booked for the day. 

2. Research the company as soon as you find feasible options. Even though you might not have time to conduct in-depth research, it’s easier than you think to find basic information about different moving companies:

  • Look for their USDOT numbers to see if they have the right licenses and authorization to transport goods.
  • Look for the company’s BBB rating to see if they’re part of esteemed moving organizations.
  • Browse through different reviews from previous customers to see what other experiences have been like.

3. Always look for legitimacy and honesty so you know that your professionals have your best interest at heart. Speed, safety, and efficiency are also critical when hiring a mover. Finally, affordability is often top of mind although you could expect to pay a bit more for a last-minute move.


If you need movers as soon as possible, don’t panic! Quick moving help is always possible to find as long as you’re willing to do a little digging and research. If you’re looking for a seasoned and reputable team to help you with your unexpected (or expected) move, our team at Alliance is here to help! Our family-owned business prides itself on helping our customers regardless of their moving situation. We always prioritize safety and customer satisfaction with every move! Reach out to our urgent moving company and feel free to get a quote today.