Moving to a new home is complex. That news likely comes as no surprise to those who have had to move at any point in their life. But every year, thousands of moves take place without the help of a moving company. And every year, people find out just how much work goes into accomplishing a successful move.

Hiring the right moving company reduces the amount of work you need to do by yourself. The best moving companies even provide expert assistance to steer you in the right direction as you take on the tasks that only you can do. All said and done, movers save you time and often even money during a relocation.

To show how a moving company like Alliance Moving & Storage can help smooth out your next move, we’ve pulled together some of the biggest reasons why you should hire a moving company for relocation. Because let’s face it, no one has ever finished a solo move and said, “That was so easy. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Help with Heavy Lifting

Professional movers help with the heavy lifting, literally. This is both the most recognized and most overlooked benefit of hiring a moving company. Chances are that you own a lot more items than you realize. When it comes time to start lifting and moving those boxes into a truck, the collective weight of all those belongings adds up.

In addition to extra manpower, moving company employees are well trained on how to lift items of all sizes and weights safely. Most people, regardless of their physical fitness, don’t know how to lift heavy objects safely. This can lead to injuries and long-term pain, a common hidden cost of solo moves. Don’t get overzealous or overconfident. Hire movers to help you lift heavy boxes and furniture during your next move.

Planning Assistance

Moving companies aren’t just brawn; they’ve also got the brains to save you time and money. Many companies offer planning and coordination assistance in addition to standard moving services. Having a seasoned moving coordinator on your side provides a tremendous number of benefits. They help you stay on track during a move, create moving checklists, build detailed timelines, and direct movers based on your instruction or their expertise. They also serve as a knowledgeable point of contact for any questions during your relocation.

Best of all, their primary directive is to save you from stress and increased expense. So you don’t need to worry about a moving coordinator that doesn’t add value. More often than not, the cost of hiring a moving coordinator ends up being offset by the amount of money and time they help you save.

Years of Experience

No matter how many times you’ve moved, you’ll never be as experienced as a professional mover. According to the U.S. Census, the average American moves 11.7 times in their life. By comparison, moving companies handle multiple moves per week, and coordinators often have hundreds of moves under their belts. This impressive amount of experience provides them with the knowledge to accomplish any move smoothly, while staying calm under pressure. Rest easy knowing that if an issue arises, your moving company has seen it before and knows how to solve it.

Reduced Stress

Anyone who has moved before can tell you that the biggest obstacle to any move is stress. Packing up a house takes a lot of time and planning. Adding the demands of work, taking care of children, and other daily life stresses, a move can quickly become overwhelming. Having movers at your back alleviates that stress. And during a move, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Ready to Hire Movers for Your Next Relocation?

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons you should hire movers. If you plan on moving soon, don’t saddle yourself with unnecessary stress and a sore back. Hire a moving company to help take the weight off. At Alliance Moving & Storage, we’ve been helping families and businesses during relocations for years. Our dedicated movers and moving specialists are standing at the ready to make your next move the easiest of your life. Contact us today and see how Alliance Moving & Storage can make your relocation simple and successful.