Moving is a big deal. Whether you’re 4 or 40, moving takes time, effort, and a lot of patience. Sadly, children often lack the last one. But that doesn’t mean that a move with children has to be stressful. All it requires is additional patience and understanding as you guide the children through what may be their first-ever moving experience. Handled well, a move with children can be an experience that brings your family closer.

As a family-owned company, we’re invested in the success of families during a move, which is why we’ve assembled this list of tips for moving with kids.

Keep Your Kids in the Know

If you’re a younger family moving with children for the first time, it may be tempting to keep your kids uninvolved in the moving process. That would be a mistake. Kids are a lot smarter and more intuitive than many would assume. Hiding an upcoming move from children could shock and hurt them. Tell them about the move before it’s too late for them to make any plans.

Kids don’t always understand why a move is happening, and they may still be sad or upset that it happens at all. But letting your kids know about an upcoming relocation well in advance is a good way to give them time to think about what they want to do before you move to a new place where they may not know anyone. Even if you’re just moving across the city, letting them know about the move is a good call.

Schedule Fun Time

As we all know, kids require entertainment. Moves can be a stressful time for young children, so scheduling some playdates or fun family outings helps to take their mind off the move. This is also a great way to allow your kids to say goodbye to friends if you are moving far away. If there’s a part of your town that you have yet to visit, go check it out! It may be the last time your family gets to go there together. Plus, fun outings have the added benefits of taking your mind off the move, and can assuage you child’s fear that things won’t ever be fun again.

Help Them Feel Involved

While young kids may not be the best helpers, they love to feel like they’re helping out. By giving them small tasks like packing up toys and cleaning their rooms, you not only save yourself time, but you also help your child feel like a part of the move. You can also engage your children in the moving process by having them pack a backpack with their favorite toys or belongings. Doing so gives children a sense of ownership and control over their most prized possessions during a time when things may feel out of their control. This hands-on method teaches children a bit about what goes into a move, and keeps them engaged with the process of a move in real time.

Set Aside Time to Answer Questions

When you tell your child about a move, chances are that they’ll have a few questions. Don’t brush them off. Set aside a big chunk of time, or a chunk of time every day, to sit and talk about the move with your kids. Answering their questions keeps them comfortable with the prospect of a big change.

Even if they don’t have too many questions, we suggest coming up with things to tell your kids about your new residence. If there’s a cool playground at their new school or an exciting park in your neighborhood, let them know! Kids want to know that even though things may change, they don’t have to be as different as they thought. Help them see that, beyond losing the experiences of your current home, they are gaining the experiences a new home offers. This can help them adjust to the idea of a move, and may even have them excited about the new town.

Stay in Your Routines as Much as Possible

Children do better with consistency. By timing your packing and moving chores around your child’s schedule, you can create a sense of comfort and ease in your home. The more a routine breaks, the more likely it is in a child’s head that they perceive the change as the new norm. Sticking to the old norms that you’ve always had helps kids understand that a move doesn’t mean that everything changes.

Hire a Sitter or Have Family Members Help Watch Children

While we suggest having children help during the pre-move process, having them help out on moving day presents some challenges. If your children are younger, consider having someone look after them during the day, if possible. Just make sure to give them ample time to say goodbye to the house so that they get closure.

Ready to Move Your Family to a New Location

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