Would you like to save time, money, and stress on your residential move? Preparation and organization is the key to a smooth transition into your new home. Follow these simple moving and packing tips and contact us to help do the heavy lifting!

1. If possible prepare your new home for the move! It will save you and the moving team time if the area is prepared, cleaned, and ready for the furniture and boxes. You can write the names of the rooms on the boxes prior to the move.

2. Packing fragile breakables such as glassware, electronics, mirrors, frames, decorations, or glass furniture takes special attention and should be handled with care. Alliance offers professional packing services that will save you time. We bring boxes, packing/tissue paper, tape, bubble wrap, foam wrap, and shrink wrap for fragile items. All glassware should be isolated from each other. All packed fragile glassware boxes should also stay right side up.

3. Important: make sure you write FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP on the package to protect it. Make sure to use extra packing paper and lots of tape, not just on the seams, but on the corners as well to reinforce the box. We will make sure your fragile items are the last thing on the truck, and the first thing off the truck so it is transported safely.

4. Packing electronics requires extra attention, computer and television screens are very delicate and should be wrapped multiple times. Some printers can actually leak if packed upside down so we recommend taking extra care with printers and keeping them isolated. If possible use the original boxes the electronics came with to transport them.

5. If you are packing yourself we recommend making sure the boxes are in good condition, taped generously, and the contents should not be overly heavy. For reference 18 by 14 by 12 inch boxes are a good size for moving, and we never pack more than 25 pounds per box for this specific size box, and we finish with several layers of packing tape. You might need a few different box sizes for your move, so do not wait until the last second to figure out how many boxes/box sizes you need along with packing supplies. Walmart has supplies available in store for last minute packing. Alliance Moving & Storage can supply boxes and supplies as well for a low fee!

6. Know your belongings and furniture. Make sure to note if any of your belongings are damaged, fragile, or hazardous. Your moving team can cater to your needs and will gladly help protect fragile and hazardous materials. Your moving team will protect and safely transfer your possessions, but the best way to protect your fragile or delicate belongings is to let the moving team know of any subtle requests. Feel free inspect your furniture before moving to look for any imperfections you may not have noticed and note them for reference.

7. Perishable foods and items can not be moved on the trucks however non-perishable foods are ok to move. Simply mark the boxes as FOOD or KITCHEN so that the movers know of the contents.

8. Delicate clothing and shoes should be moved in boxes, Clothing can remain in dresser drawers but we may need to use shrink wrap to keep the drawers closed. Only clothing can be left in the drawers that are still in furniture, “general use” or “junk drawers” should be emptied out into a separate container.

9. We cannot move pets unfortunately. Tip: If you are moving out of state and if you have pets you should research to see if you need additional paperwork for transporting the pets and for updating their microchip tracking information (if your pet has a micro chip tracker). Also you should alert your Vet if applicable.

10. Our final recommendation is to contact Alliance Moving & Storage for all your relocation needs!!