Relocation can be a tremendous ordeal. Whether across states or down the street, moving requires a lot of planning, packing, and unpacking. And that doesn’t include all the work of setting up your new space to feel like home and getting acquainted with your new location. When you’re looking to hire a moving company, there will be plenty of questions that arise during the process. At Alliance Moving and Storage, we are here to take some of the stress out of moving. Read on to learn some of the most commonly asked questions about moving, and how our team can help!

How Do I Pack Clothing?

Clothing can be tricky. If items are stored in drawers, we prefer you to remove the clothes and put them in a box. If they’re hanging clothes, we offer wardrobe boxes to rent. These boxes have a bar across the top to hang your clothes from. They’re 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and hold about 24 hanger’s worth of clothing. Some online sources will suggest throwing your clothes in a garbage bag, but this isn’t ideal because the garbage bags can rip open in transit, which can potentially ruin your clothing. Plus, boxes are much sturdier and can stack easily, which helps make the best use of your rented moving truck.

How Do I Pack and Protect My TV?

The best and safest way to transport a flat-screen TV is in a special TV box. You are more than welcome to purchase a TV box from a moving supply retailer, or you can rent one from us.

How Do I Pack Cleaning Supplies and Perishables?

Safety is essential in all that we do. We want to safely transport your cleaning products and chemicals, and to not harm your belongings or our crew. We ask that you place cleaning supplies in a sturdy plastic garbage bag and put them in a sealed box. When packing food, please do not pack perishable foods, especially during a long-distance move. For local moves, defrost your refrigerator 24 hours before your move. Use up or throw away any perishables that are almost empty or about to expire. Use a cooler with ice to transport any perishables you want to take with you in your vehicle. For any perishables going on the truck, make sure they are wrapped in plastic, placed in a box, and sealed.

Is There a Booking Deposit Required?

We require no deposit to book your move with us. When you contact us, we will schedule your move and send you an email confirmation with E-Sign. Your signature confirms your move appointment with us. Payment isn’t due until your move is complete. You can pay the moving crew with cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. At this time, we do not accept personal checks or American Express.

How Is Time Calculated?

We start the clock when we arrive at the pickup location and stop it when the job is complete. We don’t charge you for travel time from our office to your destination. From start to finish, we are here for you. Our moving services include residential moves, commercial moves, long-distance moves, secure storage, disassembly & reassembly, and packing & unpacking. Contact us today to book your moving service with Alliance Moving & Storage.

Top 5 Questions We Are Asked About Moving