Moving is a challenge, and moving offices is no easier than moving homes. From the masses of electronics to bulky furniture, loads of files, décor, and personal kitsch, it hits all the marks. Add to that, there is rarely the luxury of packing up a box here and there, and instead, a push to get packed up and moved in a couple of days tops. Here are some office moving tips to help you get through it with grace.

Start Planning Well Ahead

Most people underestimate how long it will take to pack things up and move when doing it for themselves. If that is you, and you aren’t hiring a firm to move you lock, stock and barrel, then consider adding several weeks to your timeframe. It’s always better to be ahead of schedule than behind.

Assign Someone to Manage the Move

Put someone in charge of making sure no steps are forgotten, and things are moving along as expected. If you have someone with experience in commercial moves, that’s even better.

Do Research on Moving Companies

Start this phase months ahead of the anticipated move. Make sure to get several quotes and ask for proof of insurance. Remember, moving companies—if they are packing your office entirely and moving you—will not throw anything away. You will get it all on the other end, including the garbage in your trash cans and the rotting food in the refrigerator.

Also, make sure to ask about insurance coverage options to protect your belongings during the move and make sure you get a copy of their workers’ comp insurance, so you have no liability if a worker is injured on the job. If you rent a truck, make sure to opt for the insurance coverage since most private insurance companies do not cover them.

Clean Out Everything

This is the perfect time to unload things you no longer need, from office supplies to old phones to that picture of a fish that you’ve always hated. Get rid of anything you don’t need or want—sell it on Facebook Marketplace, donate it to a registered charity for a tax break, or throw it in the dumpster.

Pack Your Own Desk

Make sure everyone knows they are responsible for cleaning out and packing their own desk and give them the date they need to be finished. This is another chance to deep clean, getting rid of things you no longer need. Be sure to give them the time to finish it (a few hours) on the day you want it done.

Give IT Advance Notice

Moving IT equipment takes special care and time. Giving them advance notice lets them draft a plan for the move, to donate old equipment you no longer use or need, and to pack up nonessential equipment early. If you have a small business and no IT department, make sure you remove all cables from equipment and label each one, so you know where it goes when you are setting back up on the other end.

New Building Rules

Are there different rules in the building you are moving to? Make sure everyone is informed of what they are. Also, are there restrictions on when you can move in, such as non-business hours, or do you have to reserve the use of the service elevator?

Update With New Address

Order replacement business cards, letterhead, envelopes and anything else with your address on it weeks ahead of the move. This way you will have it ready when you need it and don’t have to wait. Also, make sure all vendors are notified well ahead of time that your company will be moving and give them the new contact information.

Label Your Boxes and Color Code

Consider color coding boxes by department and numbering them. On a separate paper or notebook, write down what is in the box by color and number. This will make it much easier to find the things you need and direct the boxes to their proper location on the other end. It will also make it easier to file a claim in case any boxes go missing.

Have a Buffer Zone for a Few Days

No one feels good about holding client meetings in a war zone of boxes or trying to meet a deadline when your desk is being unpacked. Give yourself and employees a few days to get settled and unpacked before going back to the usual sprint. It will make a huge difference in getting things back in order, and fewer boxes left to put away.

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