Congratulations, you just bought a house or signed a new lease! With elevated excitement, you must now begin packing your belongings for your scheduled move.

If this is your first experience with moving, you may feel unsure of the best moving supplies to use while packing. In the content below, we explore ten essential moving tools guaranteed to make your moving experience less of a hassle.

#1. A Calendar and Game Plan

Organizing and strategizing your moving plan ensures you pack every belonging in a timely manner. Before anything else, take out your calendar—or calendar app—and mark your moving date. Then, schedule different completion dates in which you plan to have certain rooms packed. By having an established and complete moving checklist, you can better manage your time before the scheduled moving day.

#2. Bins, Boxes, and Plastic Bags Galore

Of all the moving equipment, your bins and boxes will prove to be the most valuable. With countless items within a home, boxes and bins help organize and keep everything together.

By having a supply of plastic, Ziploc bags nearby, you can quickly secure small nails, screws, or other furniture pieces. As a result, you won’t spend countless hours unpacking boxes in search of a missing piece.

When packing your kitchen for a move, be sure to utilize dish packing boxes. As a result, you can rest assured that your champagne flutes and cat coffee mugs stay intact while moving.

#3. Labels

To best organize every box and bin packed, utilize labels whenever possible. Therefore, establish which room a box belongs in and the contents each box or bin holds. As a result, you will save yourself the time and frustration of moving them around later.

For fragile items, do not forget to write it clearly on the sides of the box with permanent marker. Additionally, be sure to label your most important boxes “Open First” on the sides. These boxes should contain essential moving day items including cleaning supplies, electronics chargers, trash bags, scissors, and a first aid kit.

We prepared an example breakdown below of useful labels when packing your kitchen and bedroom:

Kitchen & Dining Area

  • Dishes: Bowls, plates, silverware, glasses, coffee mugs, Tupperware, and hosting serving sets
  • Appliances: Toaster, tea kettle, coffee maker, hand mixer, stand mixer, and blender
  • Cooking Utensils: Spatulas, stirring spoons, pots, pans, and other kitchen gadgets
  • Pantry: Shelf-stable food, canned food, and refrigerator/freezer foods (use an insulated cooler bag)
  • Dining Room Décor: Placemats, seat cushions, napkin holders, candles, and additional decorations


  • Bedding: Comforter, pillows, sheets, blankets, and bed skirts
  • Nightstand Contents: Anything stored inside your nightstands
  • Hanging Décor: Curtains and curtain rods, artwork, tapestries, shelves, and pictures
  • Lighting & Electrical: Lamps, light bulbs, batteries, remotes, and extension cords
  • Décor: Books, Knick knacks, Candles, and faux plants

#4. Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, and Newspapers

Just as essential, these packing materials help preserve even the most fragile belongings. Bubble wrap effectively provides a cushioned support for fragile glass items. Additionally, packing peanuts fill any empty space in boxes to prevent items from shifting. Furthermore, wrapping dishes and décor with newspapers helps keep everything intact in case of breakage or damage during transit.

#5. Towels, T-Shirts, Cardboard, and Moving Blankets

If you run out of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and newspapers, utilizing towels and t-shirts will also protect your belongings. When packing your dishes, layer plates and bowls with dish towels or thick t-shirts to help prevent breakage during transit.  

With any unused cardboard boxes, use a box cutter to create smaller pieces. As a result, you can pack your furniture and better protect furniture legs and artwork frames.

Moving blankets are effective in protecting your furniture, artwork, and mirrors from accumulating dust or moisture. Additionally, they also help keep your items safe and cushioned during the move.

#6. Packing Tape and Duct Tape

Tape will be the most important aspect to securing any items packed in boxes or bins. Both packing and duct tape work perfectly for many packing and moving applications! Whether to fasten a moving blanket around bulky furniture, or patch up a moving box, moving and duct tape prove reliable. Additionally, you can effectively write on it with permanent marker when you run out of box labels.

#7. Water and Snacks

Moving day can span from a few hours to an entire weekend. As a result, pack an entire box or bin dedicated to drinks and snacks to keep the momentum. From protein bars to trail mix, make sure to include protein-packed snacks that also energize everyone helping with the move.

#8. Lifting Straps and a Furniture Dolly

Perfect for heavy pieces of furniture, these essential moving tools reduce the risk of straining muscles or experiencing any other injuries. Moving straps work best while two people lift large and heavy-duty items such as tall dressers, armchairs, and chest-freezers. A furniture dolly also works well when moving heavy furniture including bookcases, nightstands, and a stack of bins or moving boxes.

#9. A Moving Truck

Either by renting a moving truck or borrowing a friend’s pickup, secure a vehicle for your belongings on moving day. Although you can take multiple trips with your sedan or SUV, utilizing a moving truck saves time and energy. This may be the golden opportunity to apply your Tetris skills!

#10. A Full-Service Moving Company

Sometimes, disassembling and packing your larger furniture items can feel overwhelming, if not impossible. By hiring a full-service moving company, everything will be packed and transported to your new home safely and swiftly!

At Alliance Moving and Storage, our moving experts are devoted to helping you through every part of the moving process. From offering our packing and disassembly services to transporting and storing your belongings, our professionals are ready to assist.

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