Moving and storage have a lot in common, don’t they? They both involve looking through a bunch of your things, moments of feeling like you have way too much stuff, and making decisions about what to keep. It’s not a coincidence that we have both in our name either – Alliance Moving & Storage has the best movers and storage solutions in Chicago. Now that spring is almost here (we hope!), let’s think about how to clear what has to go and store what to needs to stay!

1. Say No to Clutter
We’re not trying to turn you in neat freaks (like us!), but we do know from experience that having less clutter in your space just makes life easier. You find the things you need faster, you feel calmer when you walk into a room, and there’s less to dust, for real. One way to reduce clutter is to professionally store all of those items you love, but don’t need around on a regular basis.

2. Pack Like You’re Moving
We weren’t kidding when we said moving and storage are very similar! Our relocation specialists recommend that you pack your items for storage the same way you would if you were moving long distance — smart and protected. When we help customers who select our professional packing services, we use the highest quality moving boxes and packing materials. You might not be taking them on a bumpy trip, but you want to ensure that they are secure during the entire process and safeguarded from the elements, too.

3. Your Storage Unit is a Home
Not trying to get mushy on you, but most people spend money on a storage unit because they care about what they are storing and want it protected. The storage unit you rent is a home for those items that mean so much to you. Think of it that way to help you figure out what items to store, how you want to store them, and keeping them organized and easy to find later.

4. Donate. Recycle. Toss.
You won’t want to keep every single extra item in storage, so what do you do with the rest? We recommend creating three piles, one for donating, one for recycling, and one for tossing. Donate anything that’s still in good usable condition. Recycle items as appropriate and simply get rid of the ones that should probably never see the light of day again.

5. Store Your Belongings with Trust
Of course, if you live in the area, we think you should place your faith in our expert moving and storage services, but no matter what you do, we advise you to select a storage facility that makes you comfortable and evokes a true feeling of trust. Take the time to shop for a storage company that values what you store as much as you do.