benefits to moving in the spring

Happy Spring! Today is the first official day of the season. This is when we celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings (or beer on the beach during spring break). Some of us over here at Alliance Moving & Storage could spend a few paragraphs on the vernal equinox, when the sun crosses the plane of the equator, but we’re guessing you’re probably here to learn more about moving during this lovely time of year. So, we’re sharing some of the top reasons this is a great time to plan your household or office move.

No More Snow

Well, let’s hope. As movers in Chicago, we know to never count on it when it comes to no snow during the spring, but chances are good we won’t see it again for a long while. That means less of the freezing type of weather that makes winter moves much more difficult, especially if you are moving interstate or cross country moving. The days are also longer (well, the sun is cascading the earth for a longer period, and that’s because it continues to move into a position where … ok, ok, we’ll stop with the science stuff). Anyway, more daylight will definitely help make driving and moving easier.

Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

Do you hear the birds chirping yet? Such a classic sign of spring. They might be singing “cheap, cheap cheap” though to remind you that you could save a bunch of money if you hire movers now. Summer is the busy season for residential movers (and commercial movers, too!), so you can often get a better deal during spring.

Good Use of Tax Refunds

You were probably planning something a bit more fun with that tax refund, but if you have to move, having those additional funds coming through around this time of year could make it the perfect time to hire professional, licensed movers who can truly help make your move easier, faster, and safer. We’d say that’s a refund well spent.

Clean for Spring (Yes, Again)

We know, we know, we talked about spring cleaning in our last blog. We also confessed that we’re neat freaks, so you might not be too surprised that we’d bring it up again. This really is the best time of year to tackle those closets, drawers, and cabinets that are full of things just collecting dust. Open the windows and let the fresh air inside your home (old and new!) as you get rid of what needs to go. Another great reason to plan your move during this season is because you might already be energized to get a clean start with your belongings — what better way to enjoy the decluttering than in your new space?

Kids at Home Mean Extra Hands

One of the biggest reasons that summer is the busiest moving season is because kids are out of school. However, if you are moving to another home in your same neighborhood or district and your children’s schools won’t be changing, take advantage and try to schedule your move during their spring break. It might not be their idea of an adventurous vacation, but you can make it more fun by giving prizes or raising their allowances for every extra box packed.

Those Same Kids Will Thank You for It Later

If you can plan your move during spring, what does that mean for summer? A lot more fun! You’ll be done with packing and unpacking, already settled into your new home, and ready for some backyard fun or a cool family trip.

First Garage Sale on the Block

We love to pack. We really do. We also know that makes us kind of weird. Most people are not fans of packing. What can help make this easier? Our relocation specialists recommend reducing as much as you can so you have less to pack! Before you leave the block, you might want to think about having a going away garage or yard sale.

Home Sold Sooner

Many home selling experts tout that spring is the best time to get top dollar on your home. Well, our real estate friends want us to remind you that even if that isn’t always the case, the steady trend has been that homes sell faster in the spring than any other season. Having your house on the market for even a few weeks less will definitely save you time (which we know is almost the same as saving money).

Movers with a Spring in Their Step

Sleet or shine, Alliance Moving & Storage movers are ready to help you with our impeccable packing and unpacking services, come rain or come shine. (Were those enough weather puns for you? This whole blog is about the spring season, we can’t help it!) We’re a moving company that really cares about our customers (for real), so we only use the best moving boxes and packing materials. That means that no matter what the sky holds, your valuables are in safe and steady hands. That spring in our step also means that you’ll be settling into your new space that much faster, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy that wonderful spring breeze. Receive a free quote for your move today!