No matter how many times you’ve done it before, long-distance moving can be stressful. It requires a significant amount of preparation; maybe you first need to sell your current home or condo before heading off on your next adventure. Or maybe you’ve never prepared for a long-distance move before and you’re not sure what to expect.

Thankfully, professional moving services like Alliance Moving and Storage can help take a lot of this stress off of your plate. Specifically, using freight moving companies can be an ideal approach if you don’t want to stress about moving all of your belongings from one location to another. Here’s what you should know about hiring a freight trailer moving service.

How Do Freight Moving Companies Work?

All freight trailer moving companies operate similarly — although there may be some logistical differences between them. As soon as you have weighed your different options and found the best option for your needs, you’ll schedule a delivery time with your company so you can get the trailer and begin loading it.

This trailer is often 28 feet in length but you might need more or less space depending on your belongings. If necessary, they will also unload ramps, partitions, and other moving supplies to make the process easier. Once packed, the company will pick up the trailer and drive it to your final destination. As soon as the trailer is delivered to your new location, you’ll usually have about three days to unload it and get organized.

Moving semi trailer

Benefits of Moving Trailers

There are many benefits to hiring a moving trucking company. Firstly, this is one of the more affordable options in approaching doing a long-distance move. This factor alone is appealing to families and couples who don’t want to mess with the hassle of transporting everything from one location to another. As trucking companies rent space on their trailers, they’re able to get a more affordable rate when all 28 feet are consumed by the trailer regardless of how much space they use.

For example, your items may only take 15 feet of space, meaning the company can use the other 13 feet of space to transport commercial goods. Don’t panic, these goods are always separated within the trailer by a bulkhead and won’t mix with your items. It’s also common for freight trailers to have low minimum space requirements which is a cost-friendly option for those who only need a few feet of space.

Moving Trailer Disadvantages

There are also some downsides to using a moving company trailer that you’ll want to keep in mind. Even though it is an affordable moving option, these trailers don’t have an air-ride suspension. This means that there isn’t much shock that’s absorbed from one location to another, making it incredibly important to ensure that all of your items are properly secured before the truck leaves. If not, your items may become damaged.

Another aspect to consider is that freight moving companies often don’t rent moving blankets. This means that you are often forced to buy these blankets yourself, an additional cost that you’ll need to factor into your budget. While it’s tempting to cut corners and assume that your items will be fine, the last thing you want is for them to become damaged during the move.

When Is Hiring a Moving Trucking Company the Best Option?

You might be questioning whether a freight moving company is a right option for your move. While they are suitable for moves of any size, they are the best suited for larger cross-country moves. A large amount of space on the trailers makes it easy for customers with four or five-bedroom homes to easily move all of their belongings.

If you are willing to do some heavy item lifting yourself, this is also a good option as you’ll need to load the trailer yourself. This approach is considered to be a hybrid DIY approach as you’ll load and unload the trailer yourself while the company drives it to the final destination. If you’re going to be moving from one end of the country to another, this is a great option to consider.

Moving trucking company

Other Options for Moving Long Distance

You might be wondering about your other options for long-distance moving. Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Rent a moving container: If you want a DIY hybrid alternative, you can also consider renting a portable moving container. Think of the container as a portable storage unit that moves from one location to another. You’ll be responsible for loading and unloading the container while the company takes it from your old location to your new location.
  • Drive a rental truck: If you don’t mind driving long distances, you can also consider renting a truck to bring your items with you. Despite all of the manual labor associated with this route, it can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. You can also rely on your friends and family members to help you with the physical labor.
  • Ship your belongings: If you’re only moving a small number of items, it can be an affordable alternative to ship your belongings instead. In addition to looking into FedEx, USPS, or UPS, you can also look into uShip, a platform that helps you find the right shipping partner.
  • Hire a full-service moving company: Of course, hiring a full-service company is always an alternative. This is a hassle-free approach to your long-distance move but it can be on the more expensive side.

Why You Shouldn't Hire a Trucking Company for Your Move

While there may be some benefits to hiring a trucking company for your upcoming move, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Here are only some examples of reasons to not hire a trucking company. 

  • Trucking companies are not budget-friendly, especially for a long move. As money is top of mind for many people when they’re moving, it’s best to stick to a traditional moving company as it will be far more cost-efficient compared with a trucking company.
  • Trucking companies won’t pack your possessions. In the case that you have a significant amount of boxes or items that you want help packing and organizing, you’ll need to arrange to get help from an outside source. 
  • You will have to lead the trailer yourself. This is another negative of hiring a trucking company for your move as you’ll already be exhausted from the packing process. 
  • There is more risk to damage your items, the last thing you want to experience during an already stressful move. 

Hire Alliance Moving + Storage to Help!

Our seasoned and hands-on team understands the amount of work necessary to successfully pull off a cross-country move. We in Alliance Moving and Storage are happy to help you load and unload your items if you opt to go the freight trailer moving route. Whether you’re moving to another city in the Midwest or you’re picking up and moving to the other side of the country, we’re happy to assist every step of the way! To learn more about our moving services or for a quote for moving long-distance, reach out to our team today!