If you’ve moved without a company before, you know just how stressful the process can be. Even moving locally can seem like a breeze, but before you know it, you’re carrying box after box and wondering why you didn’t turn to a professional moving company instead. Even small apartments can quickly accumulate items and heavy pieces of furniture.

With so many different moving companies at your disposal, how do you know that you’re making the best choice? As we’re passionate about helping you have the best moving experience possible, we’ve put together five questions to ask yourself before hiring a moving company.

#1. Are You a Licensed Moving Company?

There are more scams out there than you’d think! Make sure to talk with the moving companies that you’re considering and ensure they’re properly licensed. The United States Department of Transportation issues an official license number to all legitimate moving companies. 

Some local companies only relocate customers in the same state, but these are not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Instead, local movers have a state license. When in doubt, you can always look up the specific regulations and license requirements in your state, and you can turn to review sites to see what other people have to say about their experience with the company. 

#2. Do You Provide Specific Moving Services I Need?

questions to ask a moving company

Another question to ask moving companies you’re considering is whether they provide the services that you need. As we mentioned above, some moving companies only focus on local moves while others focus on long-distance moves.

For example, maybe you’re moving into a high-rise apartment building in the middle of Chicago. Or maybe you are moving into a townhome that doesn’t have an elevator and instead has multiple staircases that need to be factored in. Regardless of your specific moving situation, your movers must be prepared and experienced in handling situations that are similar to your move.

In the case of Alliance, here are the services we provide:

#3. Do You Offer Liability Coverage?

Another essential moving question is what type of liability coverage does the company provide? Before you hand over all of your most important belongings, it’s important that you know they’ll be covered in the case of a mishap. Even if you’re planning a local, short-distance move, the moving company that you hire should have the right liability coverage options to keep you protected.

Licensed interstate movers must have two types of liability options: full value protection and released value. Here’s how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) defines the two types of liability options:

  • Full Value Protection: In this case, movers are liable for replacing the value of lost or damaged goods during your move. This is the most comprehensive plan to help protect your belongings.
  • Released Value Protection: If you want a more economical option, you can opt for this level of protection. This is offered at no additional charge, but the protection is minimal. In this case, the mover takes on liability for up to 60 cents per pound per article. 

Always ask for proof of insurance from the company you’re considering! 

#4. Do You Have Any References?

questions to ask movers

References and referrals are pivotal when it comes to questions to ask a moving company. Consider that you likely rely on other peoples’ opinions when purchasing a car or finding a new dentist. The same logic applies when you’re shopping around for a moving company. Before you’re willing to hand over all of your items to a company, you’ll want to double-check that other people have good things to say about their experience.

Simply Googling the name of the company will populate additional information about whether or not the company can be trusted. Online reviews and ratings speak volumes about what the true experience of working with a moving company is like. The choice of whether or not you do your research is up to you!

#5. Can You Provide a Binding Quote?

Cost is often top of mind when comparing movers and deciding what company is the best fit for you. When it comes to moving estimates, many companies offer non-binding estimates. This means that the estimated price won’t necessarily be the amount that you’re charged when all is said and done. 

This could be either good or bad; if your move takes longer than expected or requires more man-hours than originally anticipated, you could end up paying significantly more for the move. On the other hand, if things go smoothly, you could end up paying less.

To avoid any surprises, talk to your moving company about a binding estimate. This written estimate helps secure the cost of the move and helps you avoid any unexpected costs. 

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We know that you’re likely already feeling the stress about your upcoming move. By keeping in mind the above questions to ask movers, you help get to the core of whether or not you can trust the moving company that you’re considering. If you’re in need of a reliable moving company in the Chicago area, look no further than our friendly and seasoned team at Alliance Moving & Storage.

We know the Chicago market inside and out and we’re happy to help you with any sort of moving needs that you have. Take advantage of our free moving quotes and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that you have.