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Have you decided that Park Ridge, Illinois is going to be your new home? Then be sure to choose Alliance Moving & Storage to help you get there! Our team makes your home and everything in it their priority from start to finish. How exactly do we go about this process? Here are a few key points you’ll be sure to experience when you move with Alliance!

Single Point of Contact

A relocation specialist will assist you through every step until you and your items are safely in your new home.

Professional Moving Crew with a Clean Truck

Our experienced Schaumburg movers alongside a supervisor will carefully and professionally handle your items whether you need packing, disassembly, or simply for items to be loaded onto the truck.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Each move includes disassembly and reassembly services, so no need to worry about heavy furniture.

Protective Padding

Are you stressed about scratching up your favorite table? At Alliance Moving and Storage, we use premium furniture pads to keep everything free of damage.

Basic Liability

We include $0.30 per pound, per item with no extra cost.

Please contact us today to get the moving process rolling! We’re excited to help you get into your new home and make doing so a stress-free process.

Located 14 miles from downtown Chicago, Park Ridge is known for being “A Wonderful Place to Live and Work!” Founded in 1873, Park Ridge is full of history but still holds true to the small-town atmosphere. If you enjoy adventuring through cool shops, popular restaurants, art, and viewing both historic and modern buildings, Park Ridge is the place for you.

About Park Ridge

Park Ridge Architecture

The Pickwick Theatre, built in 1928, portrays Art Deco design. It acts as a movie theater and setting for plays and concerts. The main auditorium theater is still intact in its original state, giving visitors a view into what Art Deco truly looks like.

There are a group of eight brick cottages built in the early 1900s buildings that used to house the Illinois Industrial School for Girls. Prominent architects Holabird and Roche built six of those buildings.

Built in 1835, the Eicher house was home to Henri Eicher, a silversmith and foreman from Switzerland. The house is two stories and features a front gable, enclosed porch, and two outbuildings—a workshop barn and a chicken coop.

Park Ridge Notable Artists

Some of the most influential artists in America made Park Ridge their oasis. Frederick Richardson, an instructor at the Art Institute moved there in 1897. The Kalo Arts Craft Community was established by Clara Barck Welles. She hired a group of skilled women to be designers and immigrant men to be silversmiths. One of those silversmiths was Grant Wood, who is known for the classic Midwest painting titled “American Gothic”, which depicts a colonial dressed woman alongside a man holding a pitchfork.

Alfonso Iannelli, one of the most innovative sculptors of the 20th century, moved to Park Ridge to help Frank Lloyd Wright design the Midway Gardens—an entertainment facility with restaurants, saloons, cigar and newspaper stands, and arcades. Unfortunately, only fifteen years after its opening, the concert garden was demolished in 1929. Iannelli’s statues and sculptures are what brought him to fame.