The success of any business hinges on information governance. Companies undoubtedly have compiled many essential documents throughout their time. These documents likely include company-sensitive data that needs to be protected. With so many different options on where to store data and how to best track it, business owners may not know where to turn.

Offsite document storage services provide a safe and secure place to maintain your records. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your company data is safe but it also helps make more room at your office. Skip the storage boxes and filing cabinets and opt for a climate-controlled, monitored solution instead.

Information Governance Needs

If you’re interested in implementing an information governance protocol, the first step is to determine where your current data is housed. There are document storage services that will store your files that you still need to keep but you don’t necessarily need access to on a daily basis. As you consider your different document storage options, make sure that the facility you choose is convenient, secure, and cost-effective.

Poor office conditions alone are enough to damage and even ruin your paper documents, backup tapes, and other essential records to protect your company from a major explosion. Don’t rush into finding any documents storage company, make sure to do your research!

Efficient Shelving

Believe it or not, the shelving units that are used can have a significant impact on the lifespan of your document storage boxes. Documents storage solutions are the most successful when there are metal shelves as they help prevent your boxes and documents from potential water damage. Although flooding is not common, it is always a possibility. Plus, unlike other self-storage units, professional document storage services use high-capacity steel racks to keep your documents safe from any spills or floods.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

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Another factor you’ll want to consider is whether or not your potential storage solution is climate-controlled. You may not think of it, but both your physical documents and your electronic files must be stored in a climate-controlled facility. Why is this so important? Climate-controlled storage options help to preserve the integrity of your records.

The best storage environment for sensitive records requires heating and cooling in addition to specific humidity specifications. The right document storage companies should also have pest services to ensure that your confidential files and data are not susceptible to being destroyed by pesky bugs or rodents.

High-Level Security

Physical security is another important factor in keeping your company’s paperwork and files safe. In most cases, there is only a padlock that protects your important files from the public. As identity theft and business fraud are all too common, you must invest in the right security for your information.

Ideally, your storage solution will have 24-hour internal staffing, entry access controls, secure loading and unloading areas, fire detection, and monitored security systems. In addition, each of your boxes should be barcoded and tracked in a monitored database to ensure that only those with the right access can look at your information.

Reliable Fire Protection

As Alliance Moving & Storage has hinted at throughout, always expect the unexpected when it comes to keeping your company documents and records safe. Fire protection is another puzzle piece to factor into the solution that you choose. Ideally, the building will have preventative fire-safe construction in addition to water or gas system access. This helps to further secure your physical records.

Many state-of-the-art storage facilities are also equipped with ESFR Fire Protection Systems for enhanced fire suppression. This means that your files are automatically protected from fire and there won’t be water that sprays to get the flames out, further protecting your files from water damage.

Record Management Services

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Most record storage services provide a records management portal that includes metadata, searching, tracking, and service request processing. This allows you to search through your off-site inventory at any time, provides you with automated document retention schedules, and allows you to order documents that can be scanned or delivered by a vetted employee.

Records management systems free up your staff and help to streamline your workflow without putting your files at risk of becoming stolen or damaged.

Underground Storage Options

In some instances, it makes sense for businesses to consider underground document storage solutions. Some storage providers offer underground storage to help preserve artifacts, sensitive documents, and other media from fluctuating weather conditions, natural disasters, and human-made catastrophes.

Underground storage solutions are usually made from limestone that lie deep beneath the earth’s surface to withstand the impacts of hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rains, and earthquakes. Many vaults feature 24/7 security and monitoring access in addition to climate and access controls.

Trustworthy Document Storage Through Alliance Moving & Storage

Looking for a document storage service may not have previously been top of mind. But as more and more companies are falling victim to having their documents hacked, it’s a good idea to consider a more guarded solution.

At Alliance Moving & Storage, our team understands the stress you might feel about keeping your company’s data safe. For peace of mind, we encourage you to explore our document storage in Chicago to see how our professional team can assist your business. Explore our offerings and feel free to reach out to us for a quote on our record storage services!