Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, it’s overwhelming to think about your to-do list. If you’re thinking about moving to a new location, you could likely benefit from portable storage like moving containers.

These storage units typically resemble large boxes and they make it easy and painless for you to store your belongings during the relocation process. Portable storage containers are often made from wood or metal and come in a range of sizes to fit a variety of items. These moving containers are both durable and weatherproof for peace of mind.

What Is a Moving Storage Container?

Moving storage containers are large, portable storage units that are rentable. They are delivered to your curb or your driveway, allowing you to fill the container at your own pace. As soon as your moving date arrives, the storage container company will pick up your moving container and transport it to your new home; this is the case whether you’re moving down the road or across the country. Moving storage containers can also be dropped off at a storage unit until you are ready to unload them.

There are different sizes and use cases for moving storage containers. Some are too small to fit your items while some may provide more space than you need.

How to Use the Portable Storage Container

Once you’ve found a reputable moving company, you’ll be able to schedule a delivery date for the storage container. It will be delivered directly to your doorstep well in advance of your move so you have plenty of time to pack your belongings. When you’re finished packing, the moving company will pick up the container and bring it to your final destination. After it’s unloaded, your container will be picked up for the final time. 

Self-Storage Units vs. Portable Storage Containers 

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Storage services such as portable storage containers are different from self-storage units. When it comes to self-storage units, these are climate-controlled and located in a building with other storage units. Most self-storage units allow for monthly rentals and the monthly cost depends on the location and size of the unit. These units are perfect for temporary storage, particularly for those who will need easy access to their items.

Moving containers and portable storage boxes are ideal for storage before you move to a new address. Portable storage containers are one of the most cost-efficient methods to store your belongings before a move and they double as a storage facility that is tailored to your timeline. 

Types of Portable Moving Storage Containers

When it comes to finding the right type of portable moving storage container, there are many different options from which you can choose. 

PODS Moving Containers for a Local Move

PODS is a commonly known company that offers storage units for both local and long-distance moves. There are three different container options from which you can choose: 8 feet, 12 feet, and 16 feet. Each can be rented for $239, $259, and $279, respectively. Choose the size that you need depending on how many items you have.

In the case that you need more time, you can continue to rent the POD unit monthly until you are ready to move. The delivery charges start at $79 and are factored in when your container is initially dropped off and again when it’s delivered to your new space. 

U-Pack for a Long Distance Move

U-Pack is a suitable movable storage container for long-distance moves. Although it can be difficult to get a specific quote on how much this option costs, once you have the specific information about what you need to move, you’ll have a clearer direction on pricing. One huge benefit of U-Pack is that you’ll only need to pay for the space that you need. The website offers price estimates that don’t have any hidden fees, and according to the company, you don’t pay until the truck is “on the move”.

U-Pack gives you three days to load and another three days to unload the unit. This doesn’t count the time spent traveling between the two destinations. If you schedule your rental over a weekend, note that Saturdays and Sundays don’t count toward the rental time frame.

U-Box Moving Containers 

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U-Box is a U-Haul company that offers affordable, flexible moving containers. In the case that you need to be out of your existing space before you’re able to move into your new space, U-Box is a great option to consider. This company is happy to temporarily store your belongings until you can unload them at your new residence. It costs $159.95 each month to rent a U-Box. Feel free to rent more than one depending on the volume of items going into it. The delivery fees are based on the number of boxes that you’re renting and where you are taking them. As a bonus, U-Box offers two dozen furniture pads that are included in the rental. 

SMARTBOX Containers

Another option is SMARTBOX, the ideal movable storage container for smaller spaces such as a studio apartments. These containers come in a standard size, 8 feet by 7 feet by 5 feet, and they have an online guide that makes it easy to determine how many containers you’re going to need. These boxes cost $89 per month to rent, and you can expect to pay an additional fee for delivery and redelivery. These rates start at $169 for each drop-off and will increase in price depending on the number of boxes you need and the distance that they need to travel. The size and weight of your items will factor into your estimate which means you won’t have to pay for more storage than you need. 

Common Uses of Portable Containers 

There are more use cases for portable containers than you may think. Consider the following scenarios for inspiration on how to use a portable storage container.

Home and Office Renovations

Both homes and businesses require renovations throughout their existence. Whether you’re taking on a kitchen remodel or getting a new office space set up, you might need additional space to store your belongings while the renovations are happening. 

For homeowners, portable storage containers can hold large items such as furniture or appliances during a remodel. For office remodeling, portable storage containers can house proprietary equipment and paperwork to keep them protected from the public or the elements. Because these containers are so easy to access and safely store your belongings, you can easily get into them when you need to. 

Seasonal Storage

There’s nothing quite like having your home decked out in holiday decorations. Regardless of the holidays that you celebrate, you likely have accumulated decorations throughout the years. If your home doesn’t have enough storage space, this is where a portable moving container can be of assistance. 

These containers allow you to securely store and access your items when you need them. In addition to housing your decorations, your portable storage container can also hold any seasonal equipment that you don’t need. Think boating equipment, summer pool toys, winter snow and ski gear, and more. Keep in mind that you won’t want to store anything with fuel or a gas tank in your storage container. 

Home or Office Relocation

Your home or office location might not stay the same forever. If you are planning to relocate any time soon, consider investing in a portable storage unit to store the items that you don’t need access to daily. There are many qualified long-distance moving companies such as our team that can help you pack and transpire your storage container as well. 

Benefits of Portable Storage

If you’ve ever attempted to move on your own, you know how much of a struggle it can be. From packing your boxes to making trips back and forth to your new location, it can be very tiring to tackle this process alone. Here are some benefits of portable storage to consider. 

Portable Storage Is Convenient

Perhaps the top benefit is how convenient these moving containers are. They provide you with a secure method of storing your items and make it easy to access them when needed. Feel free to store the container at your current address or your future address depending on whatever is easiest for you. 

Storage Containers Are Flexible

Rent storage containers are not one-size-fits-all. Choose from a variety of storage container sizes to suit your needs the best. If you need storage for a 2-3 bedroom home, you should opt for a 20-foot storage container. If you have over 3 bedrooms, you’ll likely want an additional 10 or 20 feet per container. 

Movable Storage Containers Are Secure

It’s important that your items are secure and protected. Rest assured, when you rent a container to move, you’re also investing in the safety of your belongings. Once the container is on your property, you’ll get the keys to the unit. No one else will be able to enter or exit the container without your permission. 

Portable Storage Rental Is Affordable 

Moving costs can quickly add up. If you are concerned about finances, you should know that portable storage containers are very cost-efficient. By investing in a moving container, you can help to reduce your moving costs and stay mindful of your budget throughout the process.  

Storage Containers Are Waterproof

Due to the fact that moving containers are so secure and sturdy, they are tolerant of any bad weather that may arise. These containers are designed to handle long-term storage so whether your items are in the unit for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, they will remain safe. 

Explore Our Movable Storage Containers at Alliance Moving

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