Moving your two-bedroom apartment can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you're relocating across town or to a different state, knowing the average moving 2-bedroom apartment cost is an important piece of the puzzle for planning your budget. Our team at Alliance Moving & Storage has put together a helpful guide that breaks down the costs so you know what to expect. Here are some valuable cost-saving tips for a smooth transition to your new home.

Average Moving Cost for a 2-Bedroom Apartment

The average cost to move a two-bedroom apartment can vary based on factors like distance, additional moving services, and the company you choose. Let's explore the different cost scenarios:

Average Moving Cost for a 2-Bedroom Apartment

Two-Bedroom Apartment Local Moving Cost

For local moves within Chicago suburbs or nearby areas, the moving costs typically range from $735 to $2,322. Keep in mind that the final cost of a move depends on the distance, hourly rates for the 4-6 hours a two-bedroom apartment move usually takes, and any additional services required. This is where finding the right moving company is important. Rest assured that local moving companies like Alliance Moving & Storage offer competitive rates for services like:

↓Apartment Density / Accessibility Level→ Easy Moderate Difficult
Scattered ~$600 ~$700 ~ $750
Moderate ~$850 ~$1000 ~$1,150
Densely Packed ~$1,300 ~$1,450 ~ $1,700
Scattered (with сarton packing) ~ $900 ~$950 ~$1,050
Moderate (with carton packing) ~$1,300 ~$1,450 ~$1,600
Densely Packed (with carton packing) ~$1,850 ~$2,050 ~$2,200

Two-Bedroom Apartment Long-Distance Moving Cost

Not all moves are local. If you're planning a long-distance move, the average cost of moving a 2-bedroom apartment also varies drastically. On average, you can expect to pay between $3,652 and $15,113 for a move spanning hundreds or thousands of miles. Professional moving companies consider factors such as distance, weight, and any special handling requirements when determining the final cost.

Costs of moving Two-Bedroom Apartment (5,000 lbs):

Moving Distance Options 500 Miles 1000 Miles 3000 Miles
Moving Only ~$3,100 ~$3,500 ~$6,000
Moving + Valuation Insurance ~$3,400 ~ $3,800 ~$6,300
Moving + Full Carton Packing ~$4,500 ~ $4,900 ~ $7,000
Moving + Valuation Insurance + Full Carton Packing: ~$4,800 ~$5,200 ~$7,700
Moderate (with carton packing) ~$1,300 ~$1,450 ~$1,600
Densely Packed (with carton packing) ~$1,850 ~$2,050 ~$2,200

Cost of DIY Two-Bedroom Apartment Moving

While hiring movers like Alliance Moving & Storage guarantees a hassle-free experience, it's also possible to opt for a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to save money. Here are the main cost components to consider:

  • Truck Rental: For an upcoming move of a two-bedroom apartment, renting a moving truck can be a cost-effective DIY option. Most companies charge about $30 for the day plus $2 for every mile traveled. On top of the daily and per-mile costs, you may need to factor in expenses like purchasing fuel to return the truck with a half tank of gas.
  • Packing Supplies: When budgeting for a local move, don't forget to factor in expenses for packing supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Packing kits with these materials can range from $60 to $150.
  • Portable Storage Units: If you need temporary storage, consider portable storage units. In Chicago, costs can range from $70 to $200 per month, depending on the size of the unit and how long you need to use it.

Hiring professional movers in Chicago can be worth the cost, with 94% of people who hired movers reporting a positive experience according to a recent survey of FoxNews. Movers have the experience, techniques, equipment, and packing services to efficiently and safely relocate your belongings, making them worth every penny. Hiring a professional local moving company reduces the heavy lifting, driving, packing days, and stress that often lead to regretted DIY moves.

Cost of DIY Two-Bedroom Apartment Moving

Cost-Saving Tips When You Move a 2-Bedroom Apartment

There's no denying that moving can be expensive, but there are ways to save money without compromising on the quality of your move. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Ask about the service elevator: If you're moving into or out of an apartment building, ask about reserving the service elevator to expedite the process.
  • Measure all hallways, doorways, and stairways: Double-check that your furniture and belongings can fit through narrow spaces to avoid additional costs or damages.
  • Leave your old apartment in the same state it started: Cleaning and repairing your old apartment can help you get your security deposit back.
  • Move small items yourself: Transporting small items in your own vehicle can reduce the overall moving cost.
  • Adjust your moving dates if you can: Moving on a weekday and avoiding the last and first days of the month may save you money.
  • Don’t pay to move items you won’t need: Sell or donate belongings ahead of your move, especially items that are difficult to move like furniture.
  • Do some prep work if you can: This includes disassembling and prepping furniture, unplugging electronics wrapping up the controllers and cords, and organizing.
  • Talk with your HOA, landlord, or property manager ahead of time to get instructions and any approvals necessary for your move.
  • Handling your own packing is a budget-friendly option that can help you save on moving costs. However, you can still get professional packing help and save money on movers with partial packing services. Pack as much as you can and let experts handle items that need special care or attention.
  • Be ready to give the team of moving company directions and guidance on moving day.
  • Have bottled water and snacks for the movers. When professional movers are comfortable and hydrated, they're able to work as efficiently as possible.

Planning Your Two-Bedroom Apartment Move?

Moving a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago can be an expensive and stressful endeavor if you try to tackle it as a DIY project. By hiring a friendly and trusted team of local movers like Alliance Moving & Storage you can avoid the headaches and potential injuries of moving yourself while trusting your belongings are in good hands. Chicago movers cost only a little more than doing it yourself, and since we offer a free moving estimate, it's best to trust the professionals for your next apartment move. Don't struggle with an apartment move on your own, contact Alliance Moving & Storage to see how we can help today!