There’s nothing quite like finishing a long day of work and unwinding in your hot tub afterward. Hot tubs are a great addition to any home as they offer many health benefits and can be used throughout the year. If you have an upcoming move or you simply want to move the hot tub to a new location in your home or yard, you might wonder about the most effective way to move a hot tub.

After all, a 56-square-foot hot tub without water can weigh up to 900 pounds! The good news is that hot tub moving is something that our team can handle for you! Here are some tips to get you started.

#1. Disconnect and Prepare Your Hot Tub for Moving

There are steps you can take to prepare your hot tub for the move. Not only will you want to empty the shell but you’ll also want to drain the pumps and the pipes. As an added tip, Alliance Moving & Storage always recommend that you recycle your hot tub water, it’s fast and easy to do!

Here are some helpful steps to help you drain your tub:

  1. Start by disconnecting the power supply. You’ll want to locate the breaker switch that’s inside of the circuit box and switch it off. If you have a 110v spa model hot tub, you can simply unplug it from the wall. If your hot tub is directly wired to the power supply, you’ll need an electrician to help you safely disconnect it.
  2. Connect a hose to the drain valve once you’ve removed the drain valve cover. Take one end of the garden hose to the valve and run the other end to a drainage location.
  3. Next, release the water by opening the spa drain valve. It’s also an option to let the water drain on its own, but this can take a good amount of time. 
  4. Clean out the remaining water using a wet-dry vacuum. This is particularly important if you’re moving your hot tub during the winter season. 
  5. Finally, take this opportunity to clean your hot tub and make any repairs. 

#2. Put Your Hot Tub on a Dolly

Now that the prep work is over, the best way to move a hot tub is by using a dolly. Before you transfer it, make sure you have at least three people for the job, as it will be heavy! The extra hands will also help to balance and maneuver the hot tub onto the dolly.

Take two people and stand them on two different corners that are on the same side. They’ll want to lift one side while another person slides a 4x4 piece of lumber underneath. This will help to prop the tub off the ground.

From this point, you should be able to slide the dolly underneath the hot tub. Don’t rush this step! Since the tub is already propped, take your time to carefully position the dolly into the right spot. Once it’s in place, you’ll want to lift the other side of the hot tub and remove the wooden boards.

#3. Load Hot Tub Onto the Truck

how to move a hot tub

To safely and efficiently move a jacuzzi, you’ll likely need to rent a truck. After all, it would be difficult to fit the tub into your car or truck! In the case that you’re only moving the hot tub to a new location within your yard, you’ll be able to lift the tub and slide the boards underneath it, removing the dolly once it’s in the proper position. 

Many people will be moving the tub to a different home altogether. Make sure that one person is pulling the dolly up the ramp while another person pushes the hot tub from below. The third helper should stand on one side of the ramp to prevent the hot tub from tipping. If you have a fourth person to help you, they can cover the other side of the ramp so that all four sides are protected. 

#4. Unload the Hot Tub in a New Location

Once the moving truck is at the new location for the hot tub, double-check once more that you’ll be able to move the tub without hitting a garage door, wall, or other obstruction that may be in your way. From there, remove any straps holding the tub in place and get ready to move it down the ramp.

Keep one person inside of the truck to hold the tub while another person helps to guide the tub down the ramp. The third and fourth helpers on your team can stand on either side of the ramp to keep the tub balanced. Carefully maneuver the tub to its new location and place the 4x4 boards under it to slide the dolly below. Once it’s in its ideal spot, slowly remove one board at a time so the tub sits on the ground. 

#5. Inspect and Connect the Hot Tub 

The hard work is over! Now that the tub is in its new location, take this opportunity to clean it once more and ensure that there is no damage that occurred during the move. Once it’s cleaned up, feel free to put water back into it and connect it to the nearest power source. 

Don’t forget to add any chemicals to keep algae at bay. As another tip, we always recommend putting the cover on when you are not using the tub to keep out bugs, debris, sticks, leaves, and other items that you’d end up cleaning out. 

A Professional Team Is a Phone Call Away!

While DIY hot tub moving is an option, it can be stressful, tedious, and plain exhausting. Not only do you need to have multiple people to safely and effectively move the tub, but you also need to be able to maneuver it through potentially stressful situations such as through a doorframe or onto a moving truck.

Rather than taking on this task yourself, the best way to move a hot tub is to hire a seasoned team of movers. Not only are our movers experienced in moving hot tubs, but we’re happy to serve you with a smile. We know it’s important to treat your hot tub with care and we work hard to safely and efficiently move your hot tub for you. To learn more about how we can help or to get a hot tub movers quote, reach out to us at Alliance Moving & Storage today!