Going Corporate

Business Relocations

Don’t let your next office move impact your bottom line. Alliance Moving & Storage is mindful of your policies and time restrictions to help your business operations resume as quickly as possible. Businesses will experience a fast and efficient move thanks to our professional movers, who will package all of your furniture and electronics including computer, scanners, printers, and more. We take special care to properly package all of your electronics because we understand these are often the most expensive items in the office. We make sure your electronics are safe and secure so that they can be up and running in as little time as possible when they arrive at the new office. Our team also takes apart cubicle partitions, desks, and other office furnishings and make sure they are carefully packed and moved to the truck the right way, ensuring the safety of all of your company’s furniture. An experienced moving manager will oversee the expensive and delicate office furniture, so you’ll have less to worry about during the move.

Alliance Moving & Storage offers more than just the typical commercial office move. We also specialize in warehouse and retail store moves that often involve heavy machinery and vast manpower to get the job done properly. These types of moves require careful planning and organization that is only achieved by a professional moving company. At Alliance, we will help your company with every part of the move, such as evaluating your shelving options and needs, providing top-notch heavy machinery and craning equipment, and offering temporary storage during the moving process, and much more. Our professional moving team is comprised of certified and insured individuals that can expertly tackle the intricate details of a commercial move. You will also have a crew chief coordinating every step along the way to make your move seamless!

Every Move Includes Careful Disassembly and Reassembly Services