Moving day, the day you’ve been waiting for all this time. After you’ve packed all your boxes, hired your movers, and prepared your checklist, there’s only one thing left to do — move. But a move always has a few more steps to tackle. Before the sun rises on moving day, here’s a list of 8 essential prep tips you need to know.

1. Create a Detailed Inventory List

Early in the moving process, create an inventory list. This list tracks every item in your house and should be regularly updated as the status of items changes. A great way to make a moving list is on a cloud-shared spreadsheet. With this, you’ll be able to easily update the status of items as they get packed, sold, or shipped. To keep better track of items, add in a column that indicates “date last seen.” With this, you’ll never misplace boxes or belongings without at least knowing their last location.

2. Submit a Change of Address and Setup Mail Forwarding

With moving day imminent, it’s time to change your address and set up mail forwarding through the USPS. Doing this too soon could send packages to your new address before you’re there, but doing it too late guarantees that you’ll miss some packages and mail. Once you’ve changed your address, set up mail forwarding. Mail forwarding ensures that any mail that shows up addressed to you (old preorders, mail from friends and family, etc.) ends up at your new home.

3. Transfer Utilities

Like mail forwarding, transferring utilities is time sensitive. Shift them too soon and you can look forward to packing boxes in the dark, too late and you’ll be unpacking in that same darkness. Prepare ahead of time by calling your utility company to schedule a shutoff or transfer date. If your utilities cannot be transferred, set a shut-off date in your current home and then coordinate with your new utility company so that you have water, power, and internet on your move-in day.

4. Pack Your Personal Belongings and Documents Separately

Early on in the relocation process, set aside vital personal belongings to take separately. Movers do their best to ensure that the moving truck arrives on time, but delays happen. If your belongings get delayed, you’ll feel a lot better knowing that you have your license, passport, social security card and other important documents with you already. Doing this also guards these items against getting lost during the moving process.

5. Bring Medicines and Essentials with You

Similar to bringing personal documents and belongings separately, packing essentials like toiletries and medications keeps you safe in the event of a delay. This becomes doubly important if you have medications that are vital to your well-being or need to be taken at specific times. With these items in hand, you won’t have to worry about when the movers will arrive at your new home.

6. Double Check Your Moving Checklist

If you created a moving checklist before you got started, take some time to check it again. If you missed anything, take care of it now. This is the last chance you’ll have to address any remaining tasks before the train starts to leave the station.

7. Organize Care for Pets and Small Children

If you have small children or pets, organize care for them during the move. Dogs and cats get nervous during moves when they see strangers in their space. If you have the ability to get someone or somewhere to watch after them during the move, it will help both you and your pet.

Similarly, if you’re moving with small children, try to have a family member, close friend, or daycare service look after them for the day. Doing so will help speed up your move.

Movers will be better able to transport boxes to and from the truck without small children and pets running around. Having these arrangements set up ahead of time takes responsibility off your place so you can put all your focus into the many tasks at hand on moving day.

8. Clean Your Apartment or Home

With the truck packed and the movers on the road, take a final sweep of your former residence. Look for any items that may have been left behind and take some time to clean anything that you haven’t yet. If you have an apartment, this may be a condition of getting back your security deposit. But even if you owned your place of residence, cleaning before you leave shows care and thoughtfulness to the people who move in after you.

Is Your Moving Day Coming up Fast?

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